Saberpoint: March 2011

Democratic dark money kingpin David Brock is using his "pseudo-news outlet" to send Virginia voters unsolicited mailers that falsely attack Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin.

Brock in September bombarded voters in the state's northern suburbs with an unsolicited "Virginia edition" of his liberal media outlet, The American Independent, photos obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show. The 11-page mailer—which is designed to look like a local newspaper—includes misleading content that echoes Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Terry McAuliffe's campaign messaging.

One page, for example, falsely says Youngkin's plan to "eliminate the state's income tax" would cut funding for public schools. Just days before Brock sent the mailer, McAuliffe made the same false claim during a debate against the Republican nominee. McAuliffe's campaign followed up with a press release, which said Youngkin's "plan to eliminate the state income tax would usher in massive cuts to funding for Virginia’s schools." Brock Called "misinformation" an "existential threat to democracy" in a 2016 interview with former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, whose career ended after he used fake documents to claim then-candidate George W. Bush went AWOL while serving in the Texas National Guard.

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  • It makes no difference what lies are told or how many liars are exposed. Nothing will change until some sort of action is taken to hold these bastards accountable. If lies and baseless attacks on opposition candidates fail to sway elections, the democrats will use their tried and true methods of voter fraud. Dominion can always be relied on for some creative vote counting. In the final hours, truckloads of absentee ballots will again magically appear. All the people that have died in the last couple of hundred years will also vote democrat, probably more than once. Every illegal that can be rounded up will be bussed to the polls and given a token of George Soros’ gratitude.

    If no one in the Deep State ever has to PAY THE PRICE, things will only get worse. A lot worse!


    • 'Some people' might do something soon and start disappearing  these  UNABASHED DOMESTIC ENEMIES installing a TOTALITARIAN REGIME on us.  SOME PEOPLE marry their own brothers too,Ilan!!!!.............Federal Crime.........Crickests. FAHKE JOE BIDEN AND HIS COHORTS!!...............ALL OF THEM!


  • I would make it illegal to lie about your opponent, anyone spreading lies should face charges of defamation of character!

  • Perhaps all Towns and Cities should be allowed to bring back the "Tried and True" method of "Tar and Feathers followed by a Ride Out of Town on a Rail!" Worked before. Should work again. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I don't thing being "allowed" will ever come.  If we want freedom we likely will have to take it not ask for it. 

  • demoncrats will sink to any level

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