• So Doris, what can we do to organize and take action? I'm an active member of the Convention of states and actively contacting my local state legislators. My voice was stolen in the senate by Stacey Abrams and fraudulent actions by the left and Secretary of State and governor. What else can we do. It was very clear what the agenda was for putting sleepy Joe with dementia in the White House, but if Camilla doesn't become president, then it goes to even more evil tyrant Pelosi 

  • I know that all of us have strong feelings on all of this and speak vehemently against Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, but our words without action are like speaking into the wind.  However, I want to stress, that the only way to be effective is to follow the law exactly.  We must be ready to argue facts and find any legitimate means within the law to determine if Kamala Harris/ and or Joe Biden should not  remain in office and that would be the action that should be taken.


  • I think an immediate investigation needs to be done regarding the legitimacy of Kamala Harris holding office as Vice President.  I do not know how this could be done, but I feel certain that there are others on this site who may know exactly how this can be done.  Then, once it can be proven that there is evidence that she cannot hold office as Vice-President, immediate impeachment should be started against her.  Does anyone have thoughts on how this could proceed?


  • Joe Biden is a sick puppy along with Kamala Harris and the Democratic party all of them are Demon possess people.

  • Kamala Harris needs to be challenged and removed as VP... she is not Constitutionally Qualified to Be VP OR PRESIDENT... she is not a Natural Born Citizen... both of her parents were foreign nationals at the time of her birth.... and there is no record of either her father or mother being US Citizens... although her father has claims to have obtained naturalized citizenship... he has never, never, provided the date or documentation for becoming a US citizen. 

    Based on the evidence it appears Kamal Harris is an illegal alien... born of two aliens who overstayed their educational visa's and never became US Citizens.. this is such carp it is totally outrageous the several State AG's need to present a writ Quo Warranto challenging Harris's right to be VP or to be in this country legally.   In fact, her mother's made name appears on a DEPORTATION ORDER for overstaying her student Visa status... Her father may also have been ordered deported... we need a thorough search of her and her parent's backgrounds and LEGAL entitlement to be in the country and to claim US Citizenship. 

    It appears we have another illegal alien in the white house ...  and both political parties have chosen to ignore the US Constitution regarding the qualifications of VP and President.... must be a 'Natural Born' CItizen and that phrase is well established in law... as an individual born to TWO US CITIZENS on territory soverign to the United States... either a state, territory or possession of the United States.  The blatant disregard of the Constitution is becoming a routine for our Congress, Courts, and Administration... it is time to REMOVE the offending agents of these abuses and to bar them from holding any office or appointment in our government.

    See: Were Kamala Harris's Parents "Immigrants" when she was Born? - The ...

    Were Kamala Harris's Parents "Immigrants" when she was Born? - The Post & Email
    WHAT IS “THE KEY FACTOR?” by Sharon Rondeau (Oct. 21, 2020) — Late Tuesday night, the Twitter account @KamalaKancel tweeted what appear to be three s…
    • Just think about this. Crazy lunatic Nancy invokes Article 25, Joe Biden is declared unfit, then Kamiia Harris is not a natural born citizen & cant be the President, then who is next in line, lunatic, psychopath Pelosi becomes President. Let that sink in and scare the hell out of you.

    • Be careful what you wish for.  If biden is incompetent to be president and Harris is removed that leaves PELOSI in charge of our country!

  • Hell, EVERYBODY in the USA and in the Entire World knew that Biden was nuts, not excluding the Federal Elections Comittee..! He Should Not Have Been Able To Run For President To Begin With..! When the LEFT WING China Controled Idiots Stole and Frauded This Election they thought No One Was Paying Any Attention To The State Of Mind that Biden Was In..??? NO..! The Leftist Fucks Simply Do As They Damed Well Please and We Have A Federal Supreme Court That Is Being Bent Over A Barrel Somehow As Well..! Yes..! They Picked Biden so that they could Control Him and Yes they Are The Ones That Placed Kamala Harry Ass As Well because They Knew Just How Extremely Left She IS..!  I CANNOT STAND JOE BIDEN- NEVER COULD..! However, it IS Another Crime For The Left Wing Bastards To Abuse A Man That Has No Mind Of His Own Anymore..!  THIS INSANITY HAS TO BE STOPPED..! I KNOW WE KEEP SAYING IT BUT WE MUST MAKE A SERIOUS MOVE TO STOP THIS TYRANNY..!!!

  •  "Signs of VP for president?... "fast and furious" not just a slogan anymore, have we not noticed how quickly things are changing into a totalitarian state?

    I sure wish we had a president with a similar slogan to drain the swamp."

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