The release of the list of Obama Administration officials who requested unmaskings of Gen. Michael Flynn’s telephone calls during the 2016 transition has raised many questions. The Epoch Times‘ Petr Svab solved the mystery of why there were no unmasking requests following Flynn’s December 29, 2016 telephone call with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. The call was never masked.

In his testimony before Congress, former FBI Director James Comey told lawmakers the call “turned up…at the end of December, beginning of January.”


Well, how exactly did information about this particular call just “turn up?”

As McCabe described the origin of the transcripts during his testimony, “They came up—we found them through an effort—without getting into too long of an explanation—in an effort to respond to a tasking from [redacted] and so the results of what we found were communicated to the Agency, who I think had the pen on that response.”

Dan asks, “Who tasked the FBI with finding that call?…Who has the power to order the FBI?”

Exception to Court Order Requirement: The President may authorize electronic surveillance to acquire foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year without a FISC court order where the Attorney General certifies that there is “no substantial likelihood that the surveillance will acquire the contents of any communication to which a U.S. person is a party,” provided the surveillance is directed solely at communications among or between foreign powers, or “the acquisition of technical intelligence…from property or premises under the open and exclusive control of a foreign power.” 50 U.S.C. § 1802.

Oh, the President can authorize electronic surveillance if it is certified by the Attorney General. Did Loretta Lynch certify a warrant to spy on Michael Flynn on behalf of Obama?

Dan rules out the alternative methods of surveillance. There’s no criminal warrant. We’ve learned that this call was not masked to begin with. How else might one conduct surveillance? He says, “What other explanation is there?…He was not unmasked…There were no FISA warrants that we know of on Flynn and the IG report doesn’t indicate there was one. We know there was an active investigation into Flynn…Did Barack Obama order this?”

“This is the most explosive revelation so far…If this is true,” Dan tells his viewers, “and that redacted name is Loretta Lynch on the authority of Barack Obama, Holy Krikes. Abuse of surveillance power directed ordered by the President of the United States on the incoming administration to fabricate a fake narrative used to set up the new President of the United States in an obstruction of justice trap.”

A Walk Through this Scenario:

The government is surveilling Kislyak. They’re receiving transcripts of his phone calls. How do they know who he’s speaking with?

FBI officials know Flynn would be vacationing in the Dominican Republic at the end of December. It would be easy for Obama officials to identify a Kislyak call to the Dominican Republic.

How can Obama officials guarantee that Kislyak will call Flynn while he’s there? They might announce sanctions against Russians or they might expel 35 Russian diplomats and close two Russian compounds for interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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