• Unity in the Marxist mind is the COLLECTIVE... it isn't found in the precepts for individualism or in individual responsibility for one's life... It isn't cooperation or bipartisanship, it is subjugation to the Party Line.  

    Third Parties never work... there are already hundreds of active and defunct parties.... for a list see: 

    List of political parties in the United States - Wikipedia

    More political parties is not the answer to our problems... social and moral corruption and irresponsibility is the problem... training up our children in the way they should go is our problem... we have allowed Belial and Molech to train up our children and then we ask what happened to our Nation and its government?  Government is the creation of those governed.... the consent to be governed... is evidenced by the lack of RESISTANCE to the government....not a rigged electoral system.   Where is the resistance?  It certainly is not in the GOP/RNC or the public.

    List of political parties in the United States
    This is a list of political parties in the United States, both past and present. It does not include independents. Active parties Major parties T…
  • My Great Great Uncle Abe Lincoln definitely would not say what that idiot from msnbc said rofl  My poor uncle Abe is turning over in his grave rofl .  Criminal News Network is a lyiing so called fake news. So Golly here we go using my uncles name in lies.. lights looking like out stretched arms ? who the heck is he kidding .. rofl


    Dan speaks the truth I mean he does.. really does.

  • Rofl Dan your tops, You speak the truth ..yeah i remember.

    Does VPN stop the fbi?

    Biden is a total idiot . Communism is coming to our country ..

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