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  • The Elitists in Africa had their Sanctuaries during the MauMau and Zulu uprisings. It just allowed them to be easily located for slaughter. Historically this normally is the action and reaction of Elitist and Populist during any Revolution.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The question is, "Will Hillary and Biden answer?"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Will they flee?  Not a chance.  They're the one's driving.  They are in charge.  Does anyone thing they will flinch, or wobble.  They are all albout controlling the entire globe, hello?

  • She is a sorry excuse for a human being

  • All of this information has been known in one form or another... the only thing that has changed is that Durham's appointment is about to expire and he has to show something for 3 1/2 years of investigations.  Look for some minor indictments and maybe one big fish... the rest will be buried in the minutia of Durham's report... which may not be released to the public.

  • Yesterday, I was asking my friend if she thought Hillary would move to another country, a safe country?  She said, "Absolutely!"  I think it is already a done deal.

    • Most of the elitist cabal of traitors have safe havens established outside of the US that they can flee to on a moment's notice.... using private air recourses.

  • Hilary Clinton is a member of one of the worst, most dangerous organized crime families in the US.  She should long ago have been jailed for her numerous crimes including treason and murder.  If her lips are moving, she is lying.

  • Just like a de"mock"rat claim they are for democracy and then when an opportunity comes to prove it; turn up your nose and walk away.  She is a traitor and should be hanged!

  • Christina agree with you, short rope and tall tree preferably on the mall. 

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