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The father of a 19-year-old man who was fatally shot inside Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone in June has filed $3 billion claims against local and state governments for allegedly allowing an atmosphere of “lawlessness” that resulted in his son’s death.

Horace Anderson, 50, lost his special-needs son Lorenzo Anderson on June 20 in a shooting incident that also injured a 33-year-old man.

“I just want to see justice for my son,” Horace told The Post noting that no arrests had been made yet for the killing. “Somebody has to be held responsible. Something is not right and my son should still be alive to this day.”

Lorenzo was shot multiple times and “laid bleeding to death in the Seattle streets with no one to respond,” allege papers filed with Horace’s separate $1 billion claims against the city, King County and the state of Washington.

Confusion and blockades led to a 20-minute delay before first responders finally arrived on scene — only after good Samaritans had already taken Lorenzo to the hospital, the claim papers filed Wednesday allege.

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  • And no federal bail out. Let the taxpayers of the state pay it, along with the city. No federal bail out, let the state and city reap the consequences of their deriliction.

  • Hope he wins

  • I hold the city officials and the governor MORE responsible than the actual shooter. They had a job to do, and refused ro DO it! Blood on their hands.

  • Hit those Metro-Marxist collectives ( Lib Citys)  in their pocket book and clean house. Get what you can out of them before they collapse like a dollar store lawnchair under their own weight.

  • way to go

  • Lorenzo didn't deserve to die but, he was taking part in the "LAWLESSNESS" and if the first responders could have gotten there sooner Lorenzo might still be alive.

    Prayers to his parents and family


  • Good!  I hope he wins against the politicians who should have to pay for this from their own pockets, we don't want tax payer money involved!  

  • This man will lose his lawsuit because his son's black life did not matter.  BLM PROVED tHIS STATEMENT BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

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