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The woman in charge of health for the District of Columbia said at a press conference Monday that there have been no new cases of the coronavirus linked to large anti-police protests in the nation’s capital.

“We have not seen or heard our new cases report their exposure being associated with mass gatherings,” said Dr. LaQuandra Nesbitt. “That being said … we continue to have mass gatherings so that doesn’t allow us to exclude mass gatherings as a … potential source for exposure.”

The DCist reported on the press conference:

Nesbitt said it can take up to 20 days for changes in community conditions to be accurately reflected in the data. It’s now been about 30 days since the largest of the mass gatherings in the District and the data does not show a jump in relation to them, says Nesbitt.

There was understandable concern from local officials and public health experts that thousands coming together in mass gatherings to protest the murder of George Floyd could lead to a surge in coronavirus cases. Many protesters knew the risks but took to the streets anyway with the country in “midst of two public health crises.”

Bowser urged all those who did protest to get a test. While testing numbers have increased in D.C. since the beginning of June, challenges existed in meeting these testing needs and getting results back in a timely fashion both in D.C. and elsewhere in the region.

Nesbitt said “household contacts,” “essential activities,” and other activities that have picked up since restrictions in the district have eased have resulted in new cases.

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  • How stupid do these ASS HOLES think we are?

  • Fancy That! 

  • Liar, liar. Her head's on fire.

  • How many more lies are these people allowed to tell us? When will it end? - I am glad that Trump stepped in with the CDC today since they didn't support opening the schools in the fall. How dare they go against the President?

  • That is a flat out lie!!

    Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms tests positive for COVID-19 after attending protests
  • Remember my friends. The CDC put out a statement that the test for the beer virus can come back positive for the common cold. As both are from the same strain.So much fake News put out as always. NEVER believe what Fauci or the Fake News Spew anymore.

  • Well this proves either of two things and IMHO, BOTH ! The beer virus was so much hype and panic mongering to harm POTUS Trump and his economy or this broad is LYING !

  • Oh no, you can ONLY get it when you go to church, don't you know?

  • Protesters for sure are spreading the virus unless there is something magical helping them. They will take it home to their grandparents so there 'ya go, and everywhere you go there 'ya are

  • Yet protest for your business to open and you are a spreader of the virus.  What garbage.  The hypocrisy stinks. Lies you bet .  BLM is marching w/impunity and we cannot go to the gym what a pack of lies .  I do not believe many believe that the virus is that bad now. Deaths are way down.  

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