• Damn straight, ban his worthless carcass

  • Turn about is fair play

  • If Cuomo is thrown into the Hudson or East River then hook him and the communist DiBlasio to a heavy tug boat anchor and throw them in

  • Why don't you NY'ers just jettison the SOB into the river with more concrete blocks than he can swim with .....

  • Good for them.  Keep the bastard out since he doesn't support them why should they serve him.  If he can't get a meal then he will know what it's like not to eat.

  • GOOD! Once upon a time New York City was a great place to raise a family, Brooklyn especially from Coney Island area to the east coast. Now, run by socialists it is no different than what existed behind the Berlin wall.

  • They "OTTA" do the same for the other "GINNY"!!!!!

  • I LOVE THIS. isn't vengence fun?!!!

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