• Race bating is very profitable for those who have nothing else to offer. It will never go away as long as the Left have nothing else to offer. This is a war that will never end.  Every battle with the Left can never be overlooked or taking likely. The Left are very savvy in using the media and educational system to implement their demonic policies. Parents need to enforce school choice and send their kids to universities that support American constitutional values.

  • Beware, the Left never... NEVER gives up, they simply switch horses... resurfacing defeated programs saddled to a dark horse... renaming their programs and disguising them as something they are not. CRT will remain albeit under a new name and with a cleverly modified approach and methodology. 

    We must REMOVE the PEOPLE behind such programs... or they will simply repackage them until they are mainstream programs in our system of public education.  Fire those who promote such garbage or look for them to simply come at them from a different direction until they are accepted.

    • Excellent heads up.  They just come at you from a different angle

    • Like MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING is now CLIMATE CHANGE. When the shit isn't selling, change the name.

    • Exactly

    • You got that right Brother 

    • Absolutely correct.

  • BS, lady

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