The Biden administration is planning to give a historic Coast Guard cutter — which oversaw the largest maritime rescue in world history on 9/11 — to Indonesia, The Post has learned, angering victims’ advocates who say the move is “callous” and disrespectful.

When some 500,000 people needed to be evacuated from Lower Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001, the US Coast Guard cutter Adak rushed to New York Harbor from its homeport in Sandy Hook, N.J., and took over as the On Scene Commander.

Until the Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma arrived later that night, the Adak acted as a command and control center for the rescue. They coordinated the evacuation of the half a million office workers, tourists and anyone else who needed to get out of Lower Manhattan — with all bridges and tunnels shut down — by making sure any vessel in the harbor was directly providing rescue and assistance. 

But just months before the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks, the US government is in talks to sell the vessel to a foreign government — instead of donating it to a nonprofit organization that wants to turn it into a museum and 9/11 memorial.

“You’re not only disrespecting New Yorkers and those that were affected directly by the terrorist attacks, you’re disrespecting the United States,” said John Feal of the FealGood Foundation, which advocates for 9/11 survivors. 

“Shame on them, shame on them for being so callous and showing a lack of humanity and showing a lack of empathy.” 

The USCGC Adak Historical Society has been petitioning the Coast Guard since last January to give them the boat when it is decommissioned later this year so they can turn it into a museum, memorial and education center for disadvantaged youth that would be docked in Tampa Bay, Florida. They pledged to cover any and all costs associated with returning the vessel to the US and are even willing to buy the cutter through the General Services Administration. 

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  • thee ONLY reason our current wonderful government in dc would back down is " WE FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS SALE".

    This would only add to their expanding list of embarrrasments.


    • That's my reasoning as well.  Only if (MAYBE) there were enough of a hue and cry over this might they back down.


  • Who knows?  Maybe the commie pinko sympathizer will back down since this isn't spending any trillions of our tax money but just insulting us.

  • What do you expect  from a communest  bastard  like him ! He's a disgrace  .

  • Beijing Biden doesn't have an "administration;" it's a communist dictatorship accomplished by the deliberately stolen election (coup), and he's helpng his commie minions to destroy our history. The fact that he's getting away with this frosts my cookies.

  • Who needs real history when it can be re-written to serve political agenda?

  • It is all a plot to destroy the USA.  You destroy trust in its law enforcement (who could trust the FIB after some of the nonsense that has come out of that organization lately), destroy the language by changing words to mean anything you want them to mean, destroy its history.  Braitor Biden is all for it.

  • Totally right in every detail , Diane

  •  The Biden administration has no connection with the American people and most of the people want no connection with socialism. They ignore the destruction of those memorials that give us linkage to our history and change the historical script of patriotism to be ground down by the haters who roam the streets of our nation bent on destruction not only of our structures but also our laws. So why should they not send a vessel of reminder of terrorism to a Muslim country? By doing so they remove another fact of history from the minds of Americans that would show a slice of history to their children and grandchildren. Damn this non-American administration.

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