• Great examples of bravery and leaderhip will be destroyed only to be replaced by Karl Marx who was a real piece of s%^t

  • 10 minimum mandatory sentence for any wingnut that takes one step to remove or damage any one of them.   That should multiply by however many they try.   Could be the best way to clean up the swamp.

  • Isn't it easier and cheaper to Remove, Relocate, and Contextualize the Mayor?

    • Yes and much cheaper!!

  • This won't happen as long as Trump is in office, and he'll definitely stay in for another 4 years since he'll win the election with another big landslide in November. 

    • Would you mind keeping that to yourself? Certain friends and I have been fornicating with the pollsters saying we were going to vote for former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden the last election I made a tidy amount by wagering that Donald John Trump would send Hilliary Diane Rodham Clinton home flying on her broomstick!

  • What if Trump was not president? The day is coming.

    • Exactly! the day will come when Donald Trump can not for office again.


    • There is Pence.   There is Barr,  WE have options unlike the commie / demwit party.   Have you seen even one of those morons fit for office?

  • I call THIS TREASON!

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