Hilariously Out Of Touch Boob, Eric Swalwell, Praises John Dean's ...

A House Democrat on Friday proposed the creation of a Presidential Crimes Commission, a panel that would investigate allegations against President Trump and his administration after he leaves office.

"I don’t say this lightly: when we escape this Trump hell, America needs a Presidential Crimes Commission. It should be made up of independent prosecutors who look at those who enabled a corrupt president. Example 1: Sabotaging the mail to win an election. #SaveThePostOffice," U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., tweeted.

Swalwell’s tweet follows a recent statement by President Trump that he would actively prevent Democrats from being able to fund the U.S. Postal Service in order to prevent mail-in voting.

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  • Nothing good can come out of people like this ass hole holding the reigns of government.......PERIOD!

  • The democrats needed an "Attack Dog" to replace Anthony Weiner.

    After all, somebody has to say the stupid $hit the democrats want to get on CNN.

    Swalwell has shown himself to be a big enough A$$HOLE to take Weiner's place.



  • Every tongue that rises against this duly anointed and appointed President if These Unoted States I condemn in the Name of Jesus. This is the heritage of the Saints. Amen.


  • Proving once again,Democrats are Fascists/Communists/Totalitarian/Theocrats

  • How fitting that this CALIFORNICATION should be encouraging Mail Fraud. Another crime the democrats have become proficient at. It’s worked for them in the past why not again. That scam was used to make another piece of $hit by the name of Al Franken a U.S. Senator. Alaska Republican Lisa “The RINO” Murkowski also used the U.S. mail to steal a Senate seat.

  • Rep. Farts-a-lot, farted out his mouth again! He should talk out his rear end, it makes more sense. 

    Should the republicans lose the upper chamber of the house, a call to arms should be sounded nationwide. Peacefully protest nationwide while armed to the teeth.

  • SwallowWell can get to gulping!

  • Why is it the the most. psyçhotic Democrats win the election?

  • Idiot if you want a Crime Commission then start with Obama and Biden 

  • Swalwell is just another moron leftie........These progressive mindless turds are why the nation cannot get anything done......FOR THE CITIZENS.  HEY SWALWELL.........HOW ABOUT WE INVESTIGATE OBAMA, AND THE CLINTONS.......BIGGEST CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS IN HISTORY.  We aren't listening to a..holes like this's like side noise......babbling idiocy.  HOW DO PEOPLE ELECT THIS MORONS?????? ANYBODY WHO VOTES FOR THESE IDIOTS IS A MORON AS WELL......THIS INCLUDES VOTING FOR PELOSI, WATERS,  JACKSON-LEE, SCHUMER, TLAIB, OMAR, CORTEZ AND ALL THE LESSER POPULAR WOODEN HEADS OF THE DEMOCRAT/COMMUNIST PARTY.  

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