Michael Hickson

Last month, a disabled, 46-year-old African American man was euthanized without his consent or that of his wife. But rather than exploding amid our racial-justice moment, the story hardly yielded a peep from those who control our national discourse.

In 2017, Michael Hickson suffered a brain injury that left him paralyzed. Still, he was able to enjoy many activities: having books read to him, listening to music, answering trivia questions. He had memory problems, but he recalled his birthday and Social Security number with ease. Michael was leading the kind of life many people with disabilities do: not without difficulties but intrinsically valuable and dignified.

Then Michael contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to St. David’s Medical Center of South Austin, Texas. A disagreement over his care led to medical decision-making being taken away from his wife and given to the state and his medical team.

Michael didn’t do well and needed intensive care. His wife, Melissa, apparently did not trust his medical team and decided to (legally) record the exchange she had with her husband’s doctor.

As the recording shows, both agreed that Michael should not be intubated, but Melissa still wanted Michael to be treated aggressively. The doctor insisted aggressive treatment wouldn’t “help him improve” and “right now, his quality of life . . . he doesn’t have much of one.”

Melissa was taken aback: “What do you mean?” she asked. “Because he’s paralyzed with a brain injury, he doesn’t have quality of life?”

“Correct,” the doctor flatly replied.

Pressed further by Melissa, who admirably kept her cool, the doctor admitted he’d had three patients survive who were in Michael’s situation but claimed her husband’s case “doesn’t fit those three.”

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  • It's not ok for a bad cop to kill a criminal resisting arrest, but apparently it's ok for a doctor to kill an innocent patient wanting to live and be loved by family... liberalism at its finest. 

  • Most premature deaths are in most liberal places, including of covid... just an observation

  • Euthanized without consent... And I have no doubt the death certificate shows died of covid, instead of killed by doctors

    • Dr. Mengle of the Nazi Rich would be proud of Gov. Cuomo and his Gestapo approach to handling the aged and infirm... he didn't even need to build any gas chambers at government expense... just let the Pandemic kill them by withholding viable care... or worse confine the infirmed and aged in facilities reeking with COVID.  Never mind the 3000 plus empty beds that could have been used... to hold them in quarantine and safe conditions.

    • I agree, remember Jessica Peller experimented and tortured by public health in Boston? Apparently nothing's changed in public health, except for VA medical improvements because Trump has some control over that, but follows the rabbit of public health.

      Most premature deaths are in most liberal places, including of covid.

  • Democrats don't care about dark skinned Americans except when they can use them every 4 years to vote for them. I suggest they let dark skinned Americans be on the firing squads that take care of all the democratic traitors who are trying to destroy our country. 

  • the irony of this is that margaret sanger [liberal saint ] hated blacks , sought to eliminate blacks , and modern day eugenics , which says that if someone can't contribute to society then they should die. in this time of removing statues based on hate and yet planned parenthood sites are regarded as liberal sacred places

  • This is exactly why we must stop these people from gaining more power. President Trump has been working to erase as much of the Obama administrations tearing apart of our health care...

  • I have been told by my chiropractor group that the cure for cancer has been discovered and buried over and over again. Dr. Sebi, who could cure anything with natural elements, was murdered. His wife has/had a video on YouTube. The top FDA get "rewards" or whatever they call it, for approving big pharma's newest drug. All corrupt. All corporate related. The video of this nurse proves the goal was to rack up the costs and let the patients die. Callous cold-blooded murder.

    • I've asked more than once: we have spent decades and countless dollars trying to find a cure. Why isn't there one? Are the almighty "scientists" really that incompetent? Guess so.

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