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A federal appeals court panel ruled on Monday that the Trump administration can end humanitarian protections for some 300,000 immigrants living in the United States, clearing the way for their potential deportation starting next year.

The 9th Circuit Appeals Court's decision affects citizens from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan, many of whom have lived in the U.S. for decades, have U.S.-born children and are considered essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

At issue is the termination of Temporary Protected Status, a form of humanitarian relief created by Congress and administered by the Department of Homeland Security.

TPS provides a work permit and stay of deportation to foreign nationals living in the U.S. whose countries of origin are facing natural disaster, armed conflict or other "extraordinary and temporary conditions" that make it unsafe for them to return.

The Trump administration terminated TPS designations of El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan in 2017 and 2018. (It later ended TPS for Honduras and Nepal, and a separate case brought last year by citizens of those countries is ongoing.)

Several TPS beneficiaries from the four countries and their children filed a lawsuit challenging the terminations, both for procedural reasons and on the grounds that the rule was motivated by animus toward "non-white, non-European immigrants" that they said was evidenced by comments made by Trump and other administrative officials.

A district court previously issued a preliminary injunction. Monday's decision by a three-judge panel of the appeals court lifts the injunction, meaning immigrants from the affected countries could be subject to removal starting in January.

Plaintiffs and their lawyers said on Monday that they are preparing to appeal the decision in the entire 9th Circuit.

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  • This ruling is crap... IMMIDIATE deportation should be permitted as these individuals are here contrary to Immigration law.  If we are to be a nation of laws then enforce them... stop, legislating and obstructin justice with ACTIVIST COURTS... impeach judges and entire panels of judges who abuse their offices or simply can't read... the law.  No more rule by Judicial Fiat.. .edict.  If a Judge or Judges rule a law unconstitutional or use their powers to enjoin the enforcement of any law it should be ignored .. as being unlawful use of the Court's Authority to legislate from the Bench. If there is a serious s=problem let Congress act to correct the law... not judges.  Un-elected judges are assuming to much authority and powers not granted them by the US Constitution.  This must stop.

    By the Time January 2021 arrives there will probably be another injunction from another court ... making the suspension by this court mute.  The application of injunctions is immidiate and the withdrawl of their authority seems to always be long term... including cases with settlements like the recent order of the court to have California clean up their voter registration rolls by 2022... haredly fair to voters as millions of illegal voters are registered and will vote thru 2022.

  • You're dead center on it Joanna!!


  • Another wonderful, Liberal/Democrat program that has done nothing but cost us money, jobs, and lives. Send them ALL back where they came from, and let NO ONE come in unless they do it legally and agree to assimilate and remain crime-free and self-sufficient.

  • I live in California. I needed to use the health system. I tried to get appointments in English. I got the run-around and never got an appointment with a specialist, only could access the walk-in services. I got in my car, took a quarter million $ out of that shithole of an immigrant shithole and spent it elsewhere. F%^k these immigrants. Give 'em each an AK-47 and 1000 rounds and send them back to fix the cathlo-fascist shitholes they come from.

  • Who allowed this to happen in the first place, why are they still wasting air in America? This was part of the leftist plans to garner votes from these parasites. Take their useless azzez and throw them out, send them back to their shytholes of origin. They can wait for the final determination in their homeland. Anyone involved in this kind of blanket immigration is to be thrown in jail with no door. Tired of these parasites suing America for a free ride.

  • Now it will become demographically interesting. For example, how will states like Minnesota fare?

  • I'll help them pack.

  • If Trump doesn't get re-elected we can kiss our great country goodbye, because if enough people from third world hellholes come here it is only a matter of time until they turn it into the same place that they came from.  We have enough of our own problems to deal with to even think about "free" health care, food, housing and education for anyone who can manage to sneak across or through our borders or legal immigration checkpoints. Vote in November like the survival of our republic depends on it, because it probably does.

  • Let's start now. We don't need/want anymore foreigners who hate us staying here and stealing our jobs from us. I know; it happened to me.


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