• It is so obvious and RIGHT IN OUR FACES that, inconceivably, is not recognized by at least half of our population.  The Establishment has been doing this for a century underminng our country through the banker global elites  and CHINA !I am concerned that this will precipitate into another Civil War or war with China( actually this is currently ongoing by cyber stealling, biowarfare, economic control                  AND MOST DON'T KNOW !  OR CARE.        Patriots Stand Up!



    • First, whether Bin Hiden acknowledges it or not a covert state of war exists with China... over their release of the COVID virus. The Pandemic is not an accident and the virus is not natural. 

      Next, The Global Elites are in danger of losing their ass... ets  The Globalist Banksters are not into losing their ass... ets to their mortal enemy the Marxist Democrats.  Banksters may be morally bankrupt, but they are not stupid enough to support Bin Hiden... Additionally, if the Banksters were aligned with Bin Hiden he would not be written all those EO's destroying their ass... ets.  

      'Delusion' is a powerful mental drug... and when mixed with a powerful disinformation campaign it can cause the people to take the wrong road.  America must not WAIT on the Military and its mythical calvary to rescue America. The 27 Red States need to use their Constitutional powers to challenge the election IMMEDIATELY.  Before Bin Hiden consolidates his power. 

      Each Red State needs to pass a Resolution declaring the election a fraud and void...  Then they need to JOINTLY execute a Writ of Quo Warranto, with all the necessary evidence of fraud, to demanding Bin Hiden, and those members of Congress, who hold office by fraud to resign or show proof that their elections were not a fraud.  Serve the Writ on the President, VP, Congress, and the Scotus, with a petition demanding the SCOTUS take up the case of Quo Warranto under advisement and return an order to vacate for those challenged in TWO weeks... no more delays.

      Finally, the SCOTUS needs to be put on notice by State Resolution that the 27 States expect it to rule on the Writ Quo Warranto favorably... as they intend on convening an Article 5 Constitutional Convention to deal with the current state of TREASON and all the problems with Federal Government overreach, to include: amending Article 3's limiting the jurisdiction of all federal courts; a balanced budget, term limits, and too affirm the State's and Citizens rights as supreme.

      Waiting on the mythical calvary to come to the rescue is delusional and dangerous... besides, anything they do is temporary.  America needs to fix the underlying problems and that takes the combined efforts of the Red States and a cooperative Federal Administration under a President like Trump.

    • Is your name for chynajoe related more to Ben hiding or to bin laden? Has he sniffed around the ME yet? The name marries both together nicely.

    • Aint gona happen!

    • Probably not as the corruption is so deep and widespread that the GOP is incapable of acting.... without pulling down their own house...

    • There is value in what you write, Ron, but I believe your road is too long and winding.  Citizenry is overtly impatient.  Others consider the cost too high.  But when when it hits their household economically, the cost will be lowered and the impatience raised forcing them to join the first group:ovrtly impatient.  Some are ready to roll now.  Right now.  I am urge patince for at least12 days and perhaps 87 days.  After that .....  God protect us all.

    • In the mean we need to prepare.

    • I agree John... immediate action is best IF IT IS ORGANIZED and the LEADERSHIP is capable of presenting a solid case before the SCOTUS and Congress... for the removal of Bin Hiden and Comrad Kamala from their fraudulently usurped offices.  However, we also need a backup... and that would be a Red State Caucus working on the Writ of Quo Waranto and an Anti-commandeering series of legislative acts to restrain Federal overreach... we must and can do both.

    • I am so glad you are on here, Ron!  I agree with what you say.  You understand this so much better than me.  Give me a job and I will get it accomplished.  But we need leaders with Godly and earthly-wisdom gained from experience.  Intellect is not enough.  HEY EVERYBODY - - - -   Dave from X22 Report just released another excellent video where he suggests that Kevin Clinesmith was Marker No. 1…which basically means the first signal that everything is about to break loose.  Watch the video after scrolling way down the page.  Was Kevin Clinesmith Marker No. 1? (

      Was Kevin Clinesmith Marker No. 1?
      While the MSM is doing everything they can to discredit Trump supports and smear Q supporters, I think we should continue to focus on the facts. Soun…
    • You are right Sheepdog this didn't start overnight.

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