• Could be, but I think it runs deepr than that.  I will ask him the next time I see him in Florida.  When I return I will fill you in!

    • I know he has a great heart for our people and nation, but no man can do it all.  He needed Godly unright men to back him, and you find few of those in DC.

    • They are few are far between.  The remainder are WIMS; politely put, women in men's skin.

    • Welcome to the swamp that he had to endure while trying to do the job. every time he tried he was sued or backstabbed, then with the lying media pulling their crap that everything was Trump's fault. The FBI failed in bringing charges against Hillary because there were so many there that protected her including Congress and the Senate. We must vote out every lawbreaker in the Congress and Senate then clean the swamp

    • Precisely and more.....PLUS he needs/needed a Republican majority in the House AND Senate, and majorities that work with him.  Additionally, he needs the kindnesses that the second term affords him - no re-election about which to worry.  There you go, Pilgrim!

    • Smack on, Richard. We the people know that Trump's record is impeccable and everything that went wrong was not his fault. The deep state, the fake news, etc all undermined him. He was their victim and he still is, as they stole an election from him that he won in a landslide 

    • I'm with you, Ronald. Despite Trump's pretty sever failings that you describe, I agree with you that he still deserves a second term and that we the people are still with him, since we support Trump no matter what. 

    • I am all for a second term for Pres. Trump... and I am certain he has learned that he has to clean out the corruption as his NUMBER ONE PRIORITY if there is any hope of making and KEEPING America Great Again.  One can not have a great government without great men of high moral character in leadership positions.. Character matters... in fact, it is the single most important quality in a good leader...

    • Amen!  And, if he was worried about the flack he would catch, he no longer has to worry about that in his second term.  Of course, I would have told him to not worry about that in his first term.  Everybody kept saying that he had to act more presidential.  I would have thrown it back in their faces saying, "I think I will act more presidential now.  In my first act of acting presidential, I would like the following people to attend a party today in the WH abasement in a half-hour.  The name of the party is "You're fired."  Finger sandwichs will be served stuffed with pink slips!  We will also serve toothpicks, napkins, and water."  

    • Whoa!  Hold on, Silver!  I agree with you Ron on so many items.  Rare do you and I disagree.  I am not sure that we really disagree here either.  But we are not in perfect alignment.  I have also been furious with Donald over the lack of any reputable arrest(s) and over the lack of firings to ANY uncooperative individual(s).  We all know he is very smart (Univ. of Penn - honors), but life has made him even more keen.  I have to think he had excellent reasons for why he had not done as we wanted  -  yet.  And, I do not think he has told us his reasoning yet.  He keeps his plans close to his chest.  I feel confident that his body of required evidence is secured and waiting.  Why not bring it all forward?  For many reasons, I believe, but principally, he was waiting for the second term - unfenced.  especially hoping for a Republican House and Senate.  I am hoping this, and so much more, very much more, will come out with the force vomit in 10 days or at least by April 26 - and then the NG can go home.

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