• John, I agree with you. I trust Trump no matter what. He is a genius. He knows what he is doing. He definitely is smarter and more switched on than anyone of us is. You know it, he knows it, I know it, everyone else knows it. 

    • Whoa, Scout!  Thank-you for your kind words, but I would trust the Colonel Ron over me.  But really, our only true trust is in God.  I hope He is your Savior, too.  None of us knows.  We think.  We surmize. We fall.  We get up.  We help each other up.  We stablize each other.  God gives us each other.  I beieve so much prayer has gone up for "Donald Trump" since 1954, that Donald is having his brain bombarded by God and others.  We may have elected the Donald, but God chose him for this time for us and for His glory.  It's like the Red Sea event.  We are on the shoreline.  Here come the idiots.  We are trapped.  No way out.  Either God separates the water or we fight.  I believe the answer could come this coming week or during the "impeacment trial," or by April 26 at the latest.  But, it will come when God will get the glory He desires.  View this, Patriot!  

      Only 3 prophesies remain that God gave me & they WILL come to p...


  • Our illegal vice president's name should be commie(conrad)harris.

    • I just call them democommienazis

  • They feel the only threat is from the taxpayers.  And they are right!  They should be afraid, very afraid.  How much longer are we going to tolerate an illegal president who has sold this country out and will continue to do so.  Sonny boy is still doing business with the Chinese and so are the brothers. The French revolution is coming sooner or later and SNIFF AND LICK should be scared!

    • Stop paying all taxes that will get their attention when no money is coming into the coffers and they cannot pay the military or LEO agency and such. Then we go in and clean house by legally removing them for the corruption that they are into. Because anyone using the power of the office to enrich themselves has therefore violated their oath and prison time is warranted for all. Like Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Pelosi, etc. Because Pelosi just this week used insider knowledge to buy damn near a million in stock for Telsa BEFORE Biden announced that the federal government will be purchasing a lot of electric vehicles made in the USA, guess which company that is. Marth Stewart end up in prison because of this same thing

    • Be for real, please.  Pensioners, government workers at all levels, and workers for companies have tax money taken before they see it.  Be patient through April 26.  Did you not read my posts, see the video whose link I posted?  If it is not settled by then, then let the good times roll.  Try this video, if you will, but it works best with the other video.  

      Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Message to Joe Biden! (Presidential Inaugu...

    • Oh, how petty the minds of men... who seek to enrich themselves upon the labor of others, whose wicked nature corrupts the soil they reap. Our nation, which once gave birth to noble enterprise, has given rise to nearsighted fools, whose legacy is to be remembered as the defilers of liberty.  Having their own interests in mind, they neglect the greater good; corrupting their heritage, these wicked men shed their honor, in exchange for temporary gain.

      There no longer exists the quest for the impossible dream of our forefathers...  The will to right the un-rightable wrong, to rise when one is too weary, too reach that unreachable star, to dream the impossible dream, no longer dwells in the body politic of America.  

      Our hopes are consumed by greed... the inept and deceitful rule the day, and by night the wicked walk unrestrained.  Where is that once great Nation, whose people willingly breached the gates of hell; whose, banners once stood steadfastly for liberty, where liberty suffered the ire of wicked men? 

      Our leaders no longer serve the greater good...there are none, who reach for the unreachable; too, uphold the honor of our forefathers. They have all gone astray; taking with them a morally corrupt people.

      Let their epitaph read Ichabod... the glory has departed. They are without honor, who defile their heritage. 

      By: RA Nelson, COL, US Army (ret.)

      If you like this muse... Copy and send it to your members of Congress.  Let them know that their epitaph will read "ICHABOD".

    • Taxes. Don't get me started. They will go up for most of us in the coming years according to the tax cuts that Trump implemented. This does not include the tax increases the communists spring spring on us. 

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