• (Did I just here someone say, "Get Bent!")  lol  I can always lead and would do so willingly.  But, we really need what you say, but they should also be trained in warfare.  I have not had that experience nor training.  

    • We the people have been praying since way before the election and God was sure to intervene. Alas, it hasn't happened yet, not at any stage. God is sure testing our faith. What if April 26 comes and goes as well?

    • YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT GOD IS NOT INTERVENING, Paul!!   Right now, what is Merriam Toddlesworth doing?  That''s right!  You do not know!  And she is here on earth.  You have no clue what God is doing here on earth or in heaven.  This is also a mighty spiritual battle between good and evil occurring.You only know what your 7 senses tell you.  And that is not squat!  God will be sure to tell you what He is doing as soon as He puts you in His inner circle.  I hear people prophecying and some things have occurred.  Some have not, but they could yet.  Patience.  Wait for April 26 at the latest.  If all has not been revealed by that date, then call our warriors.  But never assume you know what you cannot know, especially when it comes to our Savior and Lord, the establisher of our nation and our constitution.  (Do you know the Christopher Columbus was a Jew?  That his crew was 100% Jewish.  That the Atlantic Ocean was their "Red Sea?").  One nation., under God!

    • John, we are all your brothers.  Remember that we are all frustrated, angry, disapointed and above all confused. You have much to share and things we need to hear, but be gentle with us in our confusion, we are your friends.

    • I am fierce in my defense of God.  (Does He need defending??)  I am fierce in defending my country,  I am fierce in defending my fellow citizens.  My brothers and my sisters may fight verbally, but let no one outside the family attack us.  I will be just as fierce on that invader.  If I weren't a Christian, I would ready to roll NOW!  I imagine many militia are ready to go.  I hope the are in non-electronic communication with each other: snail mail.  

    • Hasty actions bring failure.  Plan for the worst and hope (PRAY) for the best. I see no other option than a MASS uprising.  10,000,000+ cannot be ignore or slautered.  I'm more than open to a better idea. United we stand.

    • Yes, if things aren't noticeably gtting better by April 26, we are left with 10,000,000 person march on DC.

    • I'm not sure DC is the best option.  I have some ideas.

  • Because there is no threat it is all optics for the media, this was democrat planning and action against a sitting president because they could never control him and he was getting too close to cutting off their gravy train bullshit.

    • Really?  Do you really think that?  Transportation to and from DC?  Housing?  Food?  Not with their families?  Not on the regular job?  Duties required of them back home being neglected?  It's for optics?  Really?  How many days? weeks?  Months?  It's for optics?  Really?  Do you really think that?  That is too much for me to wrap my arms around.  You assume the dems put them there, yet they cannot tell you logically why they are still in DC.  Why doesn't Biden have the football?  Where is it anyway?  (Hint:  The Chief of Staff has it.)  Nancy wants to know, too.  The military will not talk to her.  They will not do what Lugosi tells them, naturally, and Joe dosn't even try!   Why doesn't Joe use AF 1, but does use another plane!  Too many things do not add up.  Do yourself a favor and view this highly interesting video:  

      Bo Polny Says Inauguration #2 Is Coming, Watch March 6 and April 25...

      Bo Polny Says Inauguration #2 Is Coming, Watch March 6 and April 25-26
      You are in for a real treat with this one! Bo Polny came back on my show today for an interview, and it was incredible! You may remember Bo has been…
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