• What we need is a federal judge to override biteme exe.  order declaring it unconstitutional, just like they did during Preident Trumps one.

  • Oh, how petty the minds of men... who seek to enrich themselves upon the labor of others, whose wicked nature corrupts the soil they reap. Our nation, which once gave birth to noble enterprise, has given rise to nearsighted fools, whose legacy is to be remembered as the defilers of liberty.  Having their own interests in mind, they neglect the greater good; corrupting their heritage, these wicked men shed their honor, in exchange for temporary gain.

    There no longer exists the quest for the impossible dream of our forefathers...  The will to right the un-rightable wrong, to rise when one is too weary, to reach that unreachable star, to dream the impossible dream, no longer dwells in the body politic of America.  

    Our hopes are consumed by greed... the inept and deceitful rule the day, and by night the wicked walk unrestrained.  Where is that once great Nation, whose people willingly breached the gates of hell; whose, banners once stood steadfastly for liberty, where liberty suffered the ire of wicked men? 

    Our leaders no longer serve the greater good...there are none, who reach for the unreachable; too, uphold the honor of our forefathers. They have all gone astray; taking with them a morally corrupt people.

    Let their epitaph read Ichabod... the glory has departed. They are without honor, who defile their heritage. 

    By: RA Nelson, COL, US Army (ret.)

    If you like this muse... Copy and send it to your members of Congress.  Let them know that their epitaph will read "ICHABOD".

  • Having done all stand... and watch the mighty Hand of God at work... believe and all things are possible... for God is willing and able too deliver His children from the mouth of the lion... out of the hands of the unrighteous... from the furnace of affliction.  Has He not opened the Earth and divided the waters of the sea for His People... 

    Fear not for the Lord is with thee... shall the mountains not move and the Earth not quake at His coming... then, why fear the present storm, shall it not bend to the Hand of God... will not the wind cease and the waters recede before the presence of the Lord... Let every man lookup for He comes, He comes in clouds of glory for His own... a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.  Believe, and see... trust and be saved... stand and be made whole, for if the Lord is with thee, who can be against thee... and prevail?

    Watch as the Earth yields up her dead and the sea its captives... watch as the promises of God are revealed before thine enemies... watch as thy enemies cry out for the rocks to hide them and the mountains to cover them... but they shall find no hiding place, no refuge, no shelter from the coming wrath... Let the watchman upon the wall declare it… Let the Herald sing of it... The Lord cometh with this thousands and ten thousands, with His Father’s Armies, He comes… He comes to make His enemies His footstool... 

    Be still, be at peace, and know the Lord is able to save us all... in His time and season.  Amen.

    • This is not going to be popular but, we need to do more then just talk and recite on here. And don't ask me what either.

    • AMEN

    • Amen!  I rest my case.  Thank-you, Ron.

  • Shut up Cotton. We're done with the republicans. President Trump supporters will never ever forgive any of you. Get that through your thick head. 

    • Tell us how you really feel, Mary Kay!  You remind me of a young woman in the Greensburg, PA, area.  The two of you together would be a formidable force!

  • Senator Cotton might be a good man, but none of these guys have a clue HOW angry the AVERAGE, American, not "extreemist" americans are!

    • I believe that Tom is saying that he sees no reason for the NG to be parkjed in DC:no apparent reason.  I agree with him.  I still think the Joint Chiefs have them there and it is NOT in support of Lugosi or Hiden Biden.  Leave them there until April 26.  They may be very useful!  Yes?

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