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  • Judge Sullivan is a prime example of our justice system gone rogue and playing politics with the judicial system of the United States. Judges are appointed to make sure that the defendant is treated fairly. They do not override the decision of the Prosecutor to drop the charges of a case that is tainted with corruption.  Gen Flynn needs to be exonerated not pardoned. When someone is pardoned, you are saying the defendant is guilty of something and forgiven for it. Gen Flynn did nothing wrong and the FBI and Obama decided to destroy a man who gave 30 years of his life defending this country. He should sue the Justice Dept for deformation and the military should reinstate him to his rank of General and reinstate all his benefits.  

  • How does this "judge" have "Standing" in Judge Sullivan's Court when there is "no case" to judge? Kangaroo?

  • I am positive at the end Atty Powell will prevail.  If not and this moron sentences Flynn the pres can pardon him then 

  • the Judge has to follow the constituion of America just the rest of us.

  • The dastards on the left just refuse to give up. This is supposed to be about the law, not some judge's predetermined outcome.

  • America  has a lot of corrupt Judges that need to be fired. take their law license Judge Dismissed.

    • All corrupt judges, (communist) were appointed by soetoro! Unfortunately, nothing will happen to soetoro unless, he should have a accident! 

  • His bias shines thru like a light in a tunnel. He has no business being a judge anywhere at any time. He should be investigated along with the other Obama cronies. America has had enough of their BS. Drain the Swamp!

  • 4997361487?profile=RESIZE_930xHello I'm Joe Biden. At least I think I am. I don't recall being in that meeting Erroll Flynn....besides I am busy trying to find a cure for the coca cola virus.

    • it's ashamed and it's sad to see those guys in high places where they should be in jail period. That's America for you. 

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