I saw an article a week or so ago that a group of virologists, scientists that specifically study viruses came out and said that masks block spores of .5 microns and larger but that corona spores are only .3 microns.  The published study stated that using a mask is like using a chain link fence with 14 foot wide holes to keep mosquitoes out.  I know liberals always yap about "following the science" but the only science they follow is the version that suits their agenda of totalitarian control over We the People.  I am disgusted by the hypocrisy and duplicity of the liberal left.  They have an agenda that destroys America in favor of a global dictatorship thinking they will be in charge and anything that doesn't comply with their agenda is derided and attacked.  Sadly, the entire media, including social media sites, are aligned against God, America, and liberty for We the People.  They want to abolish police forces so their violent minions can run roughshod over peaceful citizens.  People on the left, including politicians, will likely find out they aren't needed once they have brought satan and soros to power and will quickly be disposed of as Hitler disposed of the SA (Brown Shirts) once they brought him to power.  Every despot in history has turned on those who brought them to power and today's useful idiots won't fare any better.

I have no problem with people wearing a mask if it makes them feel safer but it has become more a publicity stunt than anything else, with leftists denigrating and attacking people who don't comply with their demands.  I won't wear a mask because I find them restrictive and am not one to bow to political correctness.  I am what liberals call a "right wing extremist" because I am a Christian, a patriot, a Constitutionalist, a believer in what our founders established, and a gun owner who carried a concealed weapon at all times until I had a stroke in 2014 that left my left side paralyzed.  I haven't fired a weapon since then and until I am once again able to handle, fire, and reload proficiently I don't plan to carry as I don't believe it is a good idea under my current state of disability.  That is a personal choice I have made, using wisdom I believe.  I can shoot and reload with either hand equally but since I can't currently use my left hand reloading would be very difficult to impossible.  I don't really think reloading is much of an issue because I have 16 shots to stop attackers but I will refrain for now anyway.

I am a prime target for leftist punks because I am elderly and disabled but I live in rural Oklahoma where those kind are almost non-existent so I don't feel threatened.  I also have great faith and believe Almighty God will protect me from harm, including disease, violent leftist punks, and despotic wannabe rulers.  I daily pray asking God to soften the hearts of those who need softened and to deliver His people from the satanic plans of the left.  I believe Donald Trump and Mike Pence are an answer to fervent prayer and that they will continue in office despite the cheating and conniving of the left.  I also expect that the gop will take the house and gain seats in the senate.  The only question is if the seats the gop gains will be conservative people with the courage to act according to what they profess to believe.  The biggest problem I see today is gop politicians who are more liberal than they claim to be, when push comes to shove they are either corrupt and take money from soros or are too cowardly to stand on their promises as many now are.  Romney, collins, murkowski, and a couple others are blatantly on the other side and many more, like mcconnell, cornyn, and graham, are slyer about their betrayal, paying lip service only to conservative causes. 

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  • Apparently many people do not realize that globalism, as embraced and glorified by the Left, is in reality a worship of the very thing that God warns us to come out of, and that is the things of the world. One cannot be a Christian and support Globalism.

    One World Government will benefit all people only with the return of Christ, and the Kingdom of God directly in all authority and power under Him.  All Nations will then Keep the Commandments of God. And only then will real peace be attained.

    • Dale, correct.  One also cannot be a Christian and vote for the devildemocommiecrats.  They oppose EVERYTHING in God's Word and tried to remove any reference to God in their 2012 platform, booing when their attempt was rejected.

  • Will said Bob... as for carrying concealed.  R.emember that your being armed could save the lives of others.   So you owe it to those unable to carry or too afraid to carry to be armed.  16 shots can stop a lot of evil if needed.

    • Ron, my concern is my lack of adeptness at using my pistol due to my serious disabilities.  If I wasn't partially paralyzed and barely able to function I would be more than happy to defend others but fear I might be as much of a hazard as a help under current circumstances.

    • I think a 9MM performs quite well in the hands of the elderly.

      A 357mag is my personal choice. It has tremendous stopping power. To practice one can fire 38 cal. rounds in it. They are much cheaper than 357mag rounds.

      One word of caution for those who are not aware.  You can fire 38 rounds in a 357 frame.  But do not fire 357 rounds in a 38 caliber handgun.  The frames of 38's are not designed to handle the force of a 357mag. round.

      The 1911 colt 45 semi-auto is still my favorite. This handgun was produced by just about every machine shop in the World Wars, including Singer Sewing Machine. For over 100 years it has been copied by other gun makers.  My younger brother is a gun smith and a collector of arms, both civilian and military.  He loves the 1911 45.


    • I carried a 9mm Browning when in the Army.  I have 9mm partially because ammo is cheaper than .40 or .45.  My carry pistol is a Ruger P95D, 16 in mag and 1 in chamber at all times.  I don't worry about knockdown because I can put an attacker down easily enough.  I will carry again when God restores me from the stroke.  Recoil isn't an issue for me I just like a 9mm.  Most of my arms, both pistol and carbine are 9mm so I can buy 1 size for everything.  My shotguns are 12 ga

    • I carry a  1911 auto with 8 round mag and one in the chamber... Got used to the .45 as an officer in the US Army and simply like its knock down power under 50yrds... most handgun engagements occur at ranges under 10 yards.  Women may want to use something lighter like the 9mm or.380 Auto. they have less recoil and fit smaller hands better.

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