Coronavirus Immunity Cards? Kill the Idea Right Now

totalitarianism Memes & GIFs - ImgflipImagine if in September of 2019, a government official had told you that America was going to launch a new database, into which you would be required to enter your vaccine status and other personal health history, and that this would be used to determine whether you have freedom to leave your home, go to work, open your business, travel, or be in public places. 

The American patriots' response would have been  "Are you out of your mind?  That will never happen.  Maybe in China, but not in America."

Yet this is exactly where we are headed today.

Dr. Anthony Fauci,  NIAID director and top medical adviser to President Trump on the coronavirus pandemic, has admitted that he is in discussions about immunity cards for Americans, with the implication that in the future, Americans may have to prove their immunity status to retain their freedom.  Fauci's pal Bill Gates admits he thinks that  "[e]ventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it."  Chile and China are already on board with an immunity passport as the ticket out of quarantine.

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