Convicted pedophile and key witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe, George Nader, has pleaded guilty to funneling millions of dollars in illegal foreign contributions to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign.

Last year, Nader was sentenced to 10 years in prison for charges relating to child pornography.

Nader was also charged for traveling with a minor to engage in illegal sexual acts.

The Clinton operative was accused of transporting a 14-year-old European boy to the United States for sex in the year 2000.

Robert Mueller previously investigated whether Nader was influencing U.S. policy, and he was interviewed by the Special Counsel’s team twice.

Nader had reportedly helped arrange a January 2017 meeting in Seychelles between Blackwater founder Erik Prince and a Russian official.

Nader was also involved in illegal campaign contributions to the Hillary campaign in 2016 and faced separate criminal charges related to this scheme.

He also pleaded guilty to one count related to his involvement in funneling millions from the UAE to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

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  • Hillary , her thirst for power and fortune has no limits .... A self destroyed woman .

  • Short answer... Is Hillary worried... NO, not at all.  The DOJ and FBI are in her hip pocket ... she has the goods on too many people.  The only way she will be removed is by arranged suicide and that could be problematic if she has taken out good insurance... squirreled away incriminating evidence that would put key political figures in prison or worse.  The woman is not stupid... just the epitome of evil.

    • Ron, once again you make a very good point, hitlery is one of the most EVIL people in the political ruling class and just as devious and corrupt!!!!!

    • Couldn't have said it better myself

  • Birds of a feather flock together. The whole  gang is mentally disranged with sex like bill is.

  • Russians, Chinese, Drug Cartels, Servers, Islamic Terrorists and Unions, are the Deep Pockets of the Clintons, Obamas and Bidens.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Lynn, you neglected to mention Nazi war criminal george soros, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, and their cabal of globalist billionaires who want to rule over We the People via surrogate satanic political hacks!!!!!!!!!


    • Actually Soros as rotten as he is, he was not a war criminal!
      When his father a newspaper man, and attorney realized what Hitler was bringing to Europe, being a Jew he made a name change from Scwartz  to Soros, which is a Hungarian word meaning in line, next in line, a commonly used word as well as a simple name.....not at all Jewish sounding.

      Then when the Nazis invaded Hungary to start deporting the Jews, Tivadar Soros  was in the position to by some insurance to keep his son safe and he made a deal with one of his old friends from decades ago, a Christian in a significant position in government. He asked him to take in his son George, allow him to live with him, pretend he is George's godfather, securing the idea he in fact is a christian. The man agreed, he took in George, treated him as his own son and when the Nazis came he put on the Nazi uniform. One of his jobs became delivering deportation notices to the Jews in Budapest. He took George with him, George was 14-15 at this time. Whatever reason it was he did this, this activity conditioned young George to hat his own people. They not only delivered the notices, they also collected valuables, money, jewelry from these people, and George helped with that, and admittedly he took pleasure in the power it afforded to him.
      He was a criminal by taking those things, but that doesn't make him a war criminal,he didn't kill anyone, he had nothing to do with issuing those notices. I am not on his side by all means, but I ask you, in his fathers place, what would you have done, and in George's place....what would you have done?
      Without this deal their entire family would have been shipped up to Auschwitz. That may have been better for the world knowing the damage he is causing, but who knew he would turn out to be such a horrible man, and while he is a horrible man, and a criminal is certain ways.....he is not a war criminal. It's important to be fair and accurate, especially when talking about your adversaries!

  • hitlery isn't worried,!!!!!  Between the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists and the murder inc. group she employs nothing will worry her!!!!!  Her only worry would be facing Jesus on Judgment Day but she believes she is above that also, she is her own "god"!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hillery should be also worried about getting STD's from her husband Bill

This reply was deleted.