Contact tracing: the next authoritarian frontier

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Oh, joy! “Contact tracing” is ramping up.

Under the guise of concern for public health, contact tracing allows the left to continue their totalitarian advance, as the federal government leaves it up to states to develop these intrusive measures

Contact tracing + tech overlords = We are tracking your every move, we know where you are, and we will deliver tyranny to your front door.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s start with Michigan. Red State reports:

…When a person tests positive for the Wuhan virus the state wants to begin gathering personal information — not from those infected, but those in their personal orbit. Then the government will start reaching out to those individuals, compelling them to take shelter and self-quarantine. [snip]

Anyone who has tested positive will be asked by officials to provide a list of all the people they had been in close contact with two days prior to them experiencing any symptoms. The citizens will be contacted and urged to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Following this a Contact Tracer will continue to check in during this quarantine period….

Whitmer noted that it’s critical that people answer their phone for this to work and so you can be informed that you’ve had contact with someone who’s had contact with someone who’s had contact with someone’s who’s infected. But my guess is that if you don’t answer your phone, given what we’ve seen these past couple of months, they’ll come to your house.

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  •  What if you haven't been in contact with anyone in the past 2 days?  Or if you were at Walmart, the grocery store,'re not going to know the names of people you passed in the aisle.  I've also seen articles where they're devising smart phone with ways to determine if you have a temperature, or if you are closer than 6 feet to someone who does.  One of the reasons I plan to just stick with an old-fashioned flip phone.  All I want is a phone to be a phone when I need a phone.

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