• Communist Democrats know that true American Patriots were there to show their disapproval for the fixed election of 2020. They also knew that they sent their pet groups [BLM, ATIFA and others] to cause chaos. They simply cry on the shoulders of un-American idiots, who want their stimulus checks and a communist country, and this seems to be working for the Democrats. If the Communist Democrats pull this off their idiots [comrades] will be very, very sorry when they are standing in line for toilet paper, and possibly a bowl of broth.

  • the devildemocommiecrqats and gop establishment  hacks set this up to try to discredit conservative patriots, with the help of the Pravda/Goebbels globalist propagandists!!!!!  Voting for a career republikrat is the same as voting for a devildemocommiecrat!!!!!!!!!!

  • All this idiots got to be removed by people voting them out 

  • It is way past time for someone to take down Pelosi.  She controls too many areas of the congress, the country and our lives.  She, like the President, is a incompetent fool.  


  • Nancy Pelosi is using her power to push America into Socialism - Marxism She is not for the America that was founded in 1776 Of course she & her husband are very wealthy so why worry about us #WeThePeople who are struggling to survive.

  • I course she doesn't.  As a dimwitocrat she knows the dimwitocrat supporters will buy any lie she tells.  Fortunately the rest of the voters are starting to wake up to the lies the dimwitocrats tell.

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