THE BLACK CAUCUS IS RACIST! : forwardsfromgrandma

The Congressional Black Caucus is blocking membership to Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Florida who has tried to join the organization, a source familiar with the CBC's plans told BuzzFeed News.

It’s been six months since the members who won election in 2020 were inducted into the CBC, a powerful and nominally nonpartisan group of Black lawmakers in Congress. Donalds, who won election for the first time last year, has not been included in that group.

The Florida representative’s office said Donalds has talked to at least three members of the CBC about joining the group, whose members are now at the forefront of police reform talks and responsible for highlighting the racial inequities around COVID-19. He’s not received an answer and the likelihood of that happening a quarter way into the 117th Congress looks bleak.

“Congressman Donalds has expressed interest in joining the CBC, but has yet to receive an official invitation,” said a Donalds aide. “If given, he’d gladly accept.” The CBC did not respond to questions about the status of Donalds’ membership, or why he was not being let in.

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  • When "HATE" takes Over The Heart, Mind and Spirit- This Is What It Becomes "EVIL"-!!! The LIES of Man- THE TRUTH SET YOU FREE-!!!

  • All Man Are Created Equal but if you are a Black Republican then you are a racist what bunch of stupid idiots and they keep saying black life matter I guess only to those who walk like robots their life matters 

    • there is Satan that running this nation therefore we're in a time where everyone needs to realize why we are here because it's not going to get better.

  • Disgusting 

  • Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.  The members of the Congressional Black Congress might be afraid thye might actually learn something that would change their minds and make them more human.

  • love how they try to put pressure on others by playing the diversity card.when they fail to practice what they preach

  • How R-A-C-I-S-T !

    But then again, racism is built right into the name, isn't it?

  • Racism goes both ways. Prejudice is evil . When you refuse to work with someone because they have different ideas, what makes you so great??

  • the black people are their own enemy.

  • He likely doesn't have enough Marxist hate, the other criteria after skin color. 

    Where is the congressional white caucus?

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