• Those witches are very miserable old hags. It must SUCK to be them. Im no Condi fan but Im glad she got stern with them & didn't kiss their A**es. 

  • Joy-less wants to talk about Trump moving on. Why doesn't that thing & the DemonRats move on from RUSSIA. Its been investigated up the ying yang & found to be a LIE. So give it up JOYLESS you wicked old witch🧙

  • Condi ... was taught by Madlaine Albright's father ... Condi is and has been a deep state player with George Pratt Schultz / Chevron / and tight with Skull & Bones members. Check what the head of the Bin Laden team Steve Pieznik ... had to say about her loyality. She of course is a CFR member. 


    • Condi Rice is a globalist ... a RINO supreme. She has compromised her conservative credentials bending so far left that she can't see the world from any other perspective.  She is what is wrong with the GOP.

  • Condi Rice is a RINO!

  • whoopie goldberg is so biased and messed up I couldnt believe it 

  • The anti-American View is a  propaganda machine for the leftist socialist  They are at war with strong working class men. Any man that is head of household should not have this leftist crap shown in their households. Let’s cancel the View.  Condi, don't sell your soul to this evil. 

  • Why would anyone as smart as Condi talk to a Clown like Sunny? I wouldn't even want to be in the same room as her or any of those Wicked Witches

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