• Best of luck with the "Massive Impeachment of Federal and State Judges Ron!" For just the Federal under Article 1 of Our Constitution it takes "Approved Articles of Impeachment" by the House, followed by a "Super Majority Vote" in the Senate! Perhaps this is why in Our Entire History such a Federal Process against Federal Judges has only occurred 15 times with 8 Convictions! Best of luck with the "Super Majority" thing. As for States, Every State has its own individual process under its Own Constitution for its Judges. A bit difficult to "Organize." However, your idea, so you work out all the details, the assignment placements for volunteers, organize to phones, email, and for to door canvassing to accomplish the Public Awareness, and I will be First in Line to Volunteer this effort! Otherwise I suggest less emotional reactions that serve impossible purposes.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • I don't expect the Impeachment Articles to go anywhere... not even to committee. As long as Pelosi and the Democrats control the House Impeachment will only serve to officially and publically expose the crimes of those proposed for Impeachment. It will also put the offenders on notice that the House has some members who are willing to hold the offenders accountable. Criminal conduct and corruption must be exposed and this will make such conduct part of the official record of Congress.

      These sorts of actions often serve to expose the RINOs ... The RINO often resists such actions, labeling them emotional reactions and divisive. The question for naysayers should be: What are you doing to officially expose the lawlessness and corruption in Government?  Articles of Impeachment officially tie names to crimes. They are not frivolous actions. They serve to put the criminal and public on notice of the crime.

      As for emotional reactions that serve impossible purposes... Proposing Articles of Impeachment are not emotional reactions or frivolous acts. Impeachment Articles serve to 'officially' register criminal complaints. Repetitive citations of such acts will eventually demand effective action.

      I am reminded of the Biblical account of the widow and unjust judge (Luke 18:1-8)... The widow sought to redress her grievances before a corrupt Judge; only, to have the Judge refuse to hear her case. (the judge gave her no standing)in his court. Sound familiar? However, she finally got the corrupt Judge to redress her grievance... through persistence... The GOP and Patriot need to follow the widow's example. No case is hopeless when one has faith and is persistent. Often, such cases are never filed because of the naysayers.

  • And Jan. 6th was a representation of  good anf strong demcocray at work.

  • I heartily disagree. Leader ship is leadership, and a nation in cirisis must be able to count on their leaders to step up even if they are burnt out.

  • Herbert, It is the Countys where every Vote for every Election is "Counted!" If ever a place is needed for honest God Fearing American Citizens it is Holding "Elected Seats" in Our Countys!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Ron, and the "Story within the story" is?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Anyone remember the old tale of the "Match Girl?" Selling matches in the middle of a cold Winter, while freezing to death. In desperation, at the last moment, she would "Strike" one of her matches and cup her hands around the flame to briefly stay warm. She stood on her corner throughout the night attempting to sell just a few matches for a few hours inside from the cold wind. "Just one more match and then!" "Just one more match and then." She was found dead and frozen in the morning with an empty box that once held matches. Without "Action" are We so different than that Girl with her matches, "Warming ourselves with words." 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • This is such crap... the certification of fraud occurred and the election rammed thru under the full view of the American People.   It doesn't matter how it is spun the people know the truth and are just waiting to hold those who conducted the election fraud accountable.

    • No one is going to be held accountable for the fraud.  The courts won't even hear the cases.

      The lawsuit in GA was just dismissed for "lack of standing".

      I wonder how much they paid the judge, or, do they have something to blackmail him with...

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