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    You may wish to refer to your copy of the U.s.Military Constitution, under Chain of Command, Code of Conduct, When Direct Orders from a Superior Officer Must Not Be Followed. This morning Fauci explained on Good Morning America, the "Side Effect" of the Covid Vaccinations is "All Immunities to Previous Viruses, including Respiratory, are Negated!" He went on to explain this being the purpose of the "Third Vaccination" to reinstate Immunities that previously existed. He went on in his explanation as to "This" being the cause of increased spike of hospitalizations, for "Upper Respiratory Infections." He strongly urged Vaccination of all children with the "Third Type" as "Isolation/Face Mask has greatly reduced their Immunity Systems normally built up through exposures to other children, " Herd Immunity. " Given these New Facts, Any Officer is well within their Rights to Refuse a Direct Order that would "Expose Military Men/Women to undo, senseless immediate danger without imminent justification." Keep in mind, "All those among the World's Populations now have No Immunities against most Viruses!" Now only exposure and survival will rebuild One's Natural Immunities. All this Saudi explained on a Nationwide Program with millions of viewers, and not one Commentator challenged.Him! 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    • Hello Lynn. I would agree he has the right to refuse, and would most likely pay a price for that refusal. I'd like to think he would have said this, however, I've seen no actual video nor read in any article (One would think something this big would be reported in Military Times or Military News) quoting him.  Did I miss it? A blurb with his picture on social media does not pass muster.  People post all kinds of crap on social media to keep the pot stirred. The lame stream media would have gone non stop covering this. I'll keep looking for more evidence.

  • I am reading denial of this public statement by others.

    If untrue, where is the immediate correction by the actual Commandant?

    Without a public correction, I have no reason to disbelieve it.

  • Hurray for Gen Berger... finally, a senior military officer and senior commander willing to keep his oath of office to defend the US Constitution... I wonder if he will be Commandant of the Marines much longer?  Maybe he could also comment on critical race theory and its mandatory training and use in our military...

  • Oh, come on. I wish it were true but really? I've got 3 generations of Marines in my family and lived just off the Quantico base my whole youth. I know Marines and how the Corps works.. It doesn't work this way.  There's a chain of command and I'm seriously questioning any Marine speaking theses words in public even if they thought the CIC and Austin were complete idiots (which they are).



    • But his public denial; I am waiting......

    • Perhaps he has more pressing issues (like Biden/Obama's fu@k up in Afghanistan),  than giving this sort of thing his attention.  I imagine social media nonsense is the least of his worries.

  • "Courage" is not being "Fearless!" "Courage" is having "Fear" and going "Forward" towards the Enemy!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Courage is evidence of an inner strength that is mightier than fear... courage is that force that faces fear and overcomes it.  I have seen it in the faces of the young men who in the throngs of battle faced death time and time again only to spit in its face and continue their course to victory.  Courage is something most politicians lack and that they often despise, as it is the fuel that empowers others to stand against them.

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