First year students at the University of Bath have been given armbands by authorities to signal whether they’ve been double-vaccinated, with unvaxxed students having to wear a different colour.

“Freshers have been given wristbands to signal whether they are vaccinated against coronavirus amid anger at emerging “two-tier” university campuses,” reports the Telegraph.

“Students arriving this week at the University of Bath have been given a different coloured wristband on club nights if they can prove in advance they are double jabbed, or have Covid-19 immunity.”

Those who cannot prove they’ve been vaccinated are forced to enter a different queue in a clear example of segregation.

Bath is a notoriously left-wing city, as is its main university.

Vaccine passports are being enforced on campuses despite the government’s inability to impose them on the country after studies found they would be discriminatory and ethically unsound.

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  • It won't be long before the KING of kings will be here and Christians will be gone... We can thank Jesus Christ for dying for our sins!

  • So hard to keep up with all the evil plans these people have

  • If enforced it may be found amazing just how many locations these "Wristbands" will be found." On pets, wildlife, both walking and flying, statues, luggage, transportation, cars, boats and planes, above and below elevator cars, subways, and trains plus funerals! Even surgeries and morgues. Perhaps on Drones flying over our Cities. Its called, "Tract That Assholes!"

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • If this vax does kill or seriously injure people within 3 years, but congressmen are not required (probably just democrats), and illegal aliens are not required, but military, medical, and every other population of America is required, the logical conclusion is easy and horrific. 

  • The fake vaccine it's an experimental gene therapy  and those that get it will  be dead  in 2 to 3 years. The globalist agenda for depopulation in full force

    • I'm not vaccinated and they'd have to tie me down before they could force it on me, but in reality we don't have a clue what this crap is and what it will do.  I say crap because it isn't a vaccine, it does not protect those who got it from covid.  Now they are saying but, but, helps them be less sick. That's not true either, vaccinated people especially with other conditions still die from the China virus if they don't get early help, which is not allowed in hospitals because there isn't enough money in helping them not get sick enough to be hospitalized.

      The point is, we actually don't know what affect this will have on the part of the population who got the jab, it will begin to show probably in a few years, but if these bastards gain complete control the world will never admit why people are dropping like flies....if that should happen. I personally believe it affects the immune system negatively in the long run, but we have no proof of that either, because we don't have a long run. Now we wait and see!

    •  Many alredy are.

  • Too bad the Nazis didn't think of this.  Oh, wait.....

    • The Nazis murdered to "cleanse" of what they were against, the Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill, and those hairy dark goat herders who are today destroying their traditions,  their country, their people. As warped as the Nazis were, not even they were killing off their own, what they considered their own.

      Here, today this regime wants to force this jab on everyone regardless of color, religion, age. Makes me wonder all those who were on camera getting the jab.......were they getting the so called vaccine????????

  • When the Nazis invaded Denmark, they required All Jews to wear a Yellow Arm Band displaying the Star of David. The following morning the King of Denmark went on His Daily Ride wearing a "Yellow Arm Band displaying the Star of David. By Afternoon All of Denmark's Citizens were wearing Yellow Arm Bands displaying the Star of David. Perhaps, " If Our Governments, or Any Official Bodies, require Unvaccinated People to wear Wristbands, then perhaps everyone should wear those Same Wristbands, Vaccinated or Not!" This in itself is a Defiant Liberty!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

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