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    • Or farming. Environment and all....

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  • The greater majority of colleges and universities would better serve young Americans by converting to 1-2 year "Trade/Craft Schools." Far less initial investment and immediate reward.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • There isn't much these days I would recommend we do that europe does,  but one thing is the early education. 
      By 8th grade the kids have a strong well rounded education they can build on if they choose to continue on to college. They all have studied reading, writing, literature foreign and domestic, classical music and art history, mathematics to trigonometry, chemistry, physics, history of their own and of the world, geography, and at least one foreign languge.
      Many will go to trade schools after completing 8th, learn a trade they chose, and in 2-4 years become masters of their choice. Others  go on to four years of what they call gimnazium, equvilant of our colleges, where they prep for engineering, medicine, law, etc, then the next four years at the university they complete their  studies in the field they chose with a doctorate. 

      We would eliminate 4 years of nonesense, have a well educated, intelligent general population, and our youngsters would be very well prepared. Let's not forget the mandatory military service that's usually 2-3 years. Yes, I would bring back the draft for those who don't volunteer. The volunteer military goes on as is,with the difference that at the end they would have the same options as those who were drafted. Those drafted would go on border duty, they ONLY serve on the borders, all borders, and cannot be deployed to foreign service. While there,  they study American history, our constitution, in great detail how our government works, geography, and a foreign language. When they leave, we pay for 2 years of their higher studies as long as they maintain a B average, (we don't waste taxpayer's money on the lazy) and those who went into service after completing trade school, they get a lump some on a down payment on a home, or to start a business. Colleges would have to compete for business, they would have to compete on excellence, they would have to cut out all the nonesense corses and focus on EDUCATION! Our kids would serve their country and in return have a start in life.


  • Most colleges should be shut down, they are NOT fit to teach students to live a NORMAL life that benefits society.  Let alone teaching anything except communism!

  • Disgusting whiney babies

  • If some privilege student can not cope with life, they need to be sent home,  They are not ready for college life. 

  • It takes a functional family to instill in a child the values needed to succeed in life. It takes a village to raise an idiot.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • I'm beginning to think that almost all universities should be shut down.  Another question that comes to mind, is where are we going to find people who base the trials and tribulations that happen through life?  These snowflakes are in no way capable of handling the crises that happen throughout life.

  • Pathetic.  

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