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  • If you or your child reacts with a sudden mood alteration to to this or any other situation, the root cause is a much deeper lying cause. Something is wrong within you!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • You haven't lived under a dictatorship where you have no control of anything, the state does! You may know the truth, but to say it to your children can end you in a camp, and your child in an orphanage. 

    • All too true!  It would seem we have too many people having children who are incapable of raising them!


  • Absolutely useless places! Parents should check out all these schools, just call and if they have safe spaces and shrinks, mark it off your list, you don't want your child there. Women's studies, african studies, all the useless, feel good crap should be a huge red flag, they are milking you and filling you child's head with destructive junk.
    We need higher education to offer higher education, filling their little heads with things that matter, that will meke them in high demand in the workforce, know and understand the world around them.

    Look at the prosecutor in the Rittenhouse incompetence and he has a doctorate! Makes you wonder where he went to school and what he studied, sure as hell it wasn't law!

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