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  • I saw a Pepsi Delivery Man filling the shelves at Safeway yesreday & I asked him if this "COKE WOKE JOKE" was having an effect on Pepsi Sales? He stated YES & their sales have climbed considerably. I grabbed 4- 12 pack containers off he dolly & said I was FOREVER DONE WITH COKE! Sunday Delta had to cancel over 100 flights! The Commies blamed it on "Staff Shortages!" THEY LIE LIKE ALL OF FAKE NEWS! I heard UNITED AIR went WOKE, too! So SCREW that airlines, too! UNIONS are a HUGE COMMUNIST PROBLEM IN AMERICA! They want to save retirement money so they give you COVERT VIRUS! When that doesn't work they try to kill you with the Gates/Fudge  Dic Shot! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • Pulled Coke from my establishment going to Pepsi.....  I will show my anger with my money. 

  • The SEIU should immediately lose its non=profit status for engaging in electioneering and illegal COERSION and THREATS designed to change election outcomes. 

    Personally, it is my opinion that government employees shouldn't be permitted to engage in Unions as they take an oath to serve the Public... which puts their integrity at risk when they pay dues and support a Union which is an ADVOSARIAL INSTITUTION that operates in direct opposition to the Civil Servants oath and duty to serve our Nation.... not their personal interests .... albeit both should be the same.

    • YES!


    • Agreed

    • Agree heartily with that sentiment Colonel. The idea that unions are "non-profit" enterprises is ludicrous at best. Their senior management, and the politicians that they support, profit mightily on the backs of both the workers and the taxpayers. And their mortal enemy is the "right to work" legislation that has been passed in an increasing number of states which have recognized the scam that they are running.

    • Agreed

    • GREAT STATEMENT-!!! my opinion; UNIONS have "LOST" what they where intended-! They have over played and became MONEY HUNGRY with POWER in Politics and all other aspects of life-!!!

    • Totally agree with Mr. Nelson. 

  • Star - Timothy, I agree with you both, it's about time for us to play the same game the left does   ---  juis sayin

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