• CNN doesn't know what is national security is and furthermore, I believe CNN is a threat to national security because they are a communist news network

  • One thing we know about the Communish party (formerly known as Democrats) and the Marxist Media is when the truth hurts, the best recourse is to lie to the American People which includes taking what is true for the Communists and making it up about the Republicans and the President.  Leave us not forget that iwas the leaks by Biden and his henchman that led to the slaughter of our Seal Team and others.

  • Jeff Zucker- You lie just like your father Satan. There is no good in you at this point in your life and your ONLY redeeming hope is to confess your sins and ask Jeshua Ha Mashiach to  take over your life and  cleanse you with his  blood shed on Calvary.  Call on him while it's still today- you have no promise of tomorrow.


  • The left is playing with fire... they continue to ignore the thousands of eyewitnesses and hard evidence of fraud... the people are nearing the point of taking their grievances to the streets.  With the COVID pandemic pushing the public to the edge and the election being fraudulently stolen, the conservatives have had enough. They are activated and ready to aggressively pursue justice... with millions willing to establish local tribunals to deal with the criminal elements in government... and there are many.  

    There is a whole host of bureaucrats who don't understand their COMPLICITY with the crimes and fraud... makes them accessories and criminals... they too must be held accountable.  This nation is headed for Revolution if the President is unable to bring JUSTICE HOME NOW... by jailing thousands who have betrayed their neighbors and Country. 

    This crisis is not some game or abstract anomaly that will go away on its own... it must be faithfully addressed and dealt with by the President or the people will rise up as the sovereign they are and take the law into their hands ... It is just a matter of time before the civil unrest begins in earnest and both sides meet on the Streets of America.  This all can be avoided if the President acts DECISIVELY and PROMPTLY.  

    In war, there are only two kinds of combatants... the Quick and the Dead.  Indecision and lack of decisive action will result in loss of life.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A "KIKE"!!!!!! 

    • That anti-semitism is reprehensible and it will destroy teapartyorg!

    • We're being trolled by a liberal low-life. Ignore.

  • Zucker is the real danger to National Security!

  • You and your lying deceitful network are the 2nd bigget threats to this country. Only the integrity of the vote is moerimportant and, unfortunately, it appears that only SCOTUS can fix this, if they have the integrity and fortitude.

  • The biggest threat to this nation is Zucker and his minions. He should be jailed and left there.

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