• She is brain dead

  • I'm not perplexed - she is an educated IDIOT.

  • OKAY. So Kamala Harris is not good verbally.

    (but we know she is orally)

    Big surprise here?


    • she can not handle it period.


    • But she can twirl it on her tongue. LOL

      Okay, I have to stop, or the women will frown upon me in disgust.

  • She is an idiot and can't cover it up anymore. Our Country cannot stand these people much longer.

    • it is purely Demonic.


  • It's obvious that Kamala does not have the mental capacity to function at a ligher academic standard!  She is just one dumb democrat communist!!

    • it is purely Demonic.



    Awesome! What an amazing woman! Keep fighting the good fight!
    Video taken from Alpha Punisher. - I can’t believe they cut her off! But, she’s fierce and did amazing! She’s thinking for herself and spreading the…
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