Kamala Harris’ disastrous week once again avoiding the U.S. border, came to a depressing end on Sunday, when her trip to Guatemala and Mexico – the first foreign visit as vice president – was trashed as a deep disappointment by a CNN panel.

Harris, tasked by President Joe Biden with working to stem soaring migration levels, found herself mocked for being unable to answer the obvious question as to when she would visit the U.S.-Mexico border. To her visible irritation, she was asked multiple times when she would go and see for herself – and each time, she stumbled over an answer.

‘It’s just a little cringeworthy, and I know that her allies in the White House and elsewhere are watching it and just kind of wondering what is going on,’ said Abby Phillip, host of CNN’s Inside Politics Sunday show, and a usually slavish ally of all Democrats. 

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  • President Pelosi. THAT'S where our OVERTHROWERS  are going!

  • While both of these worthless Commies are out of this Country, Joke & Camel-we should finish the Border Wall & keep their dumb asses out of AMERICA!!

  • I had rather she go back to he!! where she belongs and take Chicom Joe with her!!

  • Open note to Stephen Kazmer and Martha Lowe: quit throwing rocks at each other. This is the United States ... if, as an individual, you're not able to find a job, create one .. be an entrepreneur. Many of us have done just that.

    'Rescue checks' from the government is not the answer to our problems. Quoting President Ronald Reagan, "government IS the problem".

  • I know what's going on. Let's face it. Kamala is despised on both sides of the aisle on a global scale. It's "DAMAGE CONTROL". She has no class, no dignity, no intellegence & always acts like a giddy grade schooler giving her first speech. If they need a female Dem that would give at least a hint of credibility to the FAKE soap operaish administration...Imagine if some one like Tulsi Gabbard replaced her. Yup.

  • She needs to go as well as biden

    • Joe bidet and kamel toe are both to go! (it make a nice rime!)

    • rhyme...


  • From the network trying to bring down our country? .............You people are traitors. Who gives a Schiff what you PROVEN LIARS  have ton say?................ESPECIALLY NOW!!!!

  • The U.S.MSM shields this administration from criticism but when you check out news from other English language speaking countries media they're covering the failures like our media should but doesn't. Sky news Australia is a good one. It's a shame to see our media so badly corrupted to where our supposed to be Free citizens have to look to other countries for truth in news. I don't know why protests aren't happening at CNN, mslsd, etc. They're one of our biggest problems with their fake  propaganda. 

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