The flagpole at the monument was cut down, police say. (Google Maps)Police in New York have launched an investigation after a flagpole at a memorial honoring five firefighters who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was cut down by vandals.

The damage at the patriotic display in Washingtonville, north of New York City, was discovered early Wednesday, according to the Times-Herald Record.

Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro told the newspaper that those behind the vandalism used a tool to sever the flagpole about five feet from its base and then scrawled a message on the part left standing.

Police would not disclose the nature of the message, but did reveal that an eagle figure attached to the flagpole was found next to a toppled sign at the St. Mary's Parish Center about a half-mile away.

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  • This exemplifies why Don Lemon has his head in a biologically inappropriate place when he says "BLM is just about police brutality." It is not. BLM is about dismantling this country and all we stand for. We have to take them on as such, force them into the light. As is said: "sunlight is the best disinfectant"

    • BLM is a hate group and Don Lemon has white boyfriend he has nothing to say about BLM.

  • what the government needs to do is to take all of the vandalized people to throw them to an island all by themselves and see how they feel.

  • What does that flag have to do with BLM. NOTHING. I suggest these ignorant idiots get back to schiiol and their parents homes. Any monuments of their hereos that should be torn down. 

    • I agree with you Shirley it's nonsense.

  • We can post til the cows come home, we need more action.  Investigate what our kids are being taught in school.  Shaming and communism being taught in the schools should be fought.  The 1619 project is garbage.  Support our police, either in a town hall or show up in a group at the police station or send emails to our local police department and voice our support, they need it. Email our politicians to voice our concerns. Boycott contributors of the violent communist movement that includes BLM.  I believe black lives matter, but the movement has been taken over by radical violent communists.  We can not sit on our hands and watch as radical violent groups, a very small percentage of the population, dominate our towns, cities and country. It is time the silent majority stand up, we don’t have to resort to violence, but we can definitely take a stand.  Boycott politicized sports.  No tickets, no television viewing.  Do it for one season. The best way to be heard is to hit them in their wallets. Instead play games with our kids, play sports with our kids get creative. We don’t NEED to watch sports.  They will get the message soon enough when ticket sales decline along with viewership.  If we are going to” wimp out” we will reap our bitter harvest.

    • We know the crap they are being taught in schools... yes, time to take action!   What do you propose for action?

    • Civil war if they don't knock it off. Search and destroy missions on the enemy within. Starting at the TOP though!


  • These people have to experience the full extent of the law. Impose draconian punishments on them to deter others from committing this kind of terrorist attack.

  • No, its an act to intimidate, and coerce government policy... making it an act of Domestic Terrorism by definition.... a serious felony. 

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