• CNN = BS to the Max ....... CNN caters to the fools that believe their crap . " There is a SUCKER born every minute."

  • I volunteer to punch him in the throat!

  • Someone needs to punch Stetler in the throat 

  • These people need to be put in looney bins

    • Janet, yes, a looney bin atop a gallows!!!!!!!!!!


  • What's new? The MSM has been the US version of Pravda for decades.

  • I hope the dough boy never crosses my path. I wouldn't be able to resist snapping his fat little traitor neck right there on the spot.Then I'd get in trouble for killing the enemy within. How Fahked up is that?

  • So............The C.D.P. (Democrats) plan on starting yet another Reichstag Fire for the C.C.P..

    This network is treasonous as are the rest. They are and have been formenting a revolution FOR THE ENEMY.

    Joy Reid is a traitor for her racist mouth and thee networks should be cancelled as they are foreighn agents working to overthrow our country.

    TRUMP WON. Don't beleive these treasonous talking heads. I some point,you just have to call them out for what they are, COLLUDERS with the the overthrow of our nation.
    This domain may be for sale!
    • Phil, I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!


  • Like ALL of the morons at the communist no news network, stelter is so full of bullshiite he can't see the truth, and doesn't want tpo see it because truth destroys the satanic narrative of the satanists so they ignore it in favor of lies!!!!!  The riot was orchestrated by the devildemocommiecrats with the help of moles and the capitol police!!!!!  If Ashli Babbit had been an antifa/blm thug and black, and the cop who murdered her had been white all We the People would hear out of the propagandists would be how an "innocent bystander" had been murdered by a "racoist" cop but since she was a patriot murdered by a black minion of satan working for the devildemocommiecrat party the propagandists daily rehash the lies about what happened!!!!!!!!!  Tell us about the cop who murdered a veteran unnecessarily, you puke punk!!!!!!!!!!

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