• I would  rather deal with "post Trump stress disorder" than deal with the A-HOLE that you are acosta...   ---  jus sayin

  • their hatred of Trump is because he wouldn't bow to tyranny or the Pravda/Goebbels media propagandists!!!!!!!!!!!   acosta is an idiot, a communist, and a TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank God someone has posted it Dee, and thank you!

    Some form of post-traumatic election stress just might be lurking around this neck of the woods.

    I know my neck has felt it.

  • We don't need your crap

  • Infra structure is NOT the objective here. Tyranny is. Trump is a threat to the Left so long as he is living....pray for him.

    • I do almost every day and have from the time he took office. All the world's DState hates him so he and his family really need prayer protection.

    • We can all be a threat to the Swamp, Step up, recruit, build, 1776 Freedom Party. 75,000,000 voters Vs a lifetime of fraud and deciet.

  • Jim Acosta is a liar of the first magnitude.  Would he even recognize the truth?  I doubt it!

  • Keeping track of his own lies and making up more lies to support them must be very stressful for Acosta. Now, in order to keep his job at CNN he has to flip his lying 180° and sugarcoat the disastrous policies of the Biden-Obama-Harris Administration. All that lying has to come at a price. I doubt that Acosta would recognize truth even if it bit him squarely on his posterior.

    • Right on, Ernest!  Telling, or perpetuating, lies requires remembering what lie you told, who you told it to, when and where you told it, and why.  Telling the truth requies none of that.  Acosta must be VERY stressed!!

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