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  • BOO HOO! 

    Hissy fit alert!

    Lemon sucks.

  • Satan's workers LITERALLY. 

    Behind all of this is the drive for the DEMONIC NWO/one world gov/North American Union.  The godless are working as hard as they can for their own destruction and are too stupid to know it.

  • The only ones watching Biden are the nursing home to see which one is he moving to 

  • Boycott the liberal media. Never, ever pay for a liberal rag, boycott the lame stream media's advertisers. I have not watched a news program in 55 years and I'VE MISSED NOTHING!

  • Hey Don Lemon, it's called "RATINGS"!  NBC is going to have MUCH better ratings than "Dimentia Joe's Town Hall".  People actually want to hear what our President has to say.  No one wants to hear Joe's pathetic, nonsensical rants .......

    • Peter, I agree.  you can bet nbc has an ulterior motive, that they will "redeem" themselves by spinning it against Trump, God, and America.  I won't be watching

  • Regardless of motive, Don't you think that the Luciferians starting to turn against each other is a good thing?  Shock Jock Fake news is wearing thin on the American People.

  • Don Lemon is a "super spreader" of BULLSHIT!  That POS is as dumb as the day is long.

    •  You are so right,,,  God bless President Trump.... To hell with Lemon and CNN...

  • nbc is betraying soros, satan, and the rest of the demons by airing Trump but you can bet they will make sure they can spin it against Trump, America, and God.  They will get away with it for a while but they will pay in eternity!!!!!

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