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  • Seriously chris quano? The question that should be asked is, How did you get your slimey, greedy paws on Hydroxychloriquin for you and your family, while you were spewing how ineffective it was? Why isn't the media asking that question? How many other useless rich elitests have been taking the drug, and why is no one asking?

  • Seriously you jackass!  I just bought a bunch and will continue to support this company!

  • This "GINNY" would be happier if made some pasta!!

  • What a turd....hey commie cuomo..king o did this ALL the time...did you complain then...of course not...seditious hypocrite!! Time to go buy more Goya!

  • It is truly hilarious how our President is able to "push the buttons" of these looney-tune leftists and send them into a frenzy of ridiculous outrage, and without them even knowing it until they have made complete asses of themselves. Chris Cuomo is an unmitigated disaster for the Democrats, and a true gift to the president's re-election campaign.  Maybe the FEC should look into this? Hah!

  • President Trump has always promoted products including his own brand. He does such a great job at it, which is why the commie media is upset over it. They don't like success, they prefer failure, which is obvious in the lies they report.

  • He does not qualify to say "man up".

  • Stick a sock in it, puppet.

  • I don't know which one of these cuomos is the dumbest. Fredo for breaking quarantine when he had the disease or dodo sending new yorkers to die in the rest

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