• You seem to believe that Trump's record wasn't good when he was actually the best president in all of our lifetimes. Why do you support someone with a mediocre record?

    • I suppose it depends on how you evaluate his record and anyway, I don't think it matters, whatever short term achievments he may have effected.  They are all gone now.  What matters is what he accomplished as in still existing and lasting and in that sense, maybe his rallying of populist support for reform may turn out to be his legacy.  Time will soon enough tell.

    • Don't forget that he appointed three good people to the Supreme Court. He balanced the budget, created jobs, had a great economy going, etc etc. He was so busy doing good for America and Americans, he forgot to drain the swamp and ensure elections are fair. He'll get to this next time around to be certain that he won't lose another election.

    • The key point is short term.  How's the budget, inflation, fuel prices and the job situation as well as the economy today?

    • Trump's record for the American people has been great, but to the Socialist Democrats point of view, it has been terrible for their Government agenda. Trump had a chance to fix this mess, he didn't take it! Milk toast Pence was a terrible choice for Vice, Liven should have been A.G. and Flyn should have been head of the F.B,I.  and they all should have been in place the day he was elected like Reagan did. Because they weren't, he had an up hill battle for his entire Presidentcy and the deep swamp was in control 24/7. 

  • I guess that's true enough

  • Maga Media's  hatred of the power hungry control freak government today is reaching a new high becaused they are the only ones with any damn common sense, honesty and integrity!!

  • This is why I do not ever watch any news broadcasts. Same for FB and all other social media. Even videos of religious events and messages are being interrupted and blotted out by hackers. I reserve comments on who the hackers are. YouTube follows the same censoring guidelines as the rest.

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    • Marlene, because he is one of them!!!!!  He thinks he is immune from tyranny but so did Hitler's rown Shirts and look how that turned out!!!!!!!!!!


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