• It's the problem we have with those who are running our government into the dirt, who are hoarding power over the people, who are not honoring their word to protect.

  • I don't hate government, I hate corruption and corruption defines the satanists who control the illegitimate federal government!!!!!  It is time to abolish it and start over with the original Constitution, the one before it was corrupted bu autocrats seeking a dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!

  •    Because our Government has hit a new low! We are witnessing a Government coup of the first order and the Trump people saw it all sad! Now the American middle class has no future because our vote means nothing, the vote counters mean everything! Our choice now is but to sit down or go out standing up. 

  • When President Donald J. Trump is back in the White House, he will shut down the fake news and he will establish an oversight body that ensures the media doesn't get away with telling lies and with inciting people like this guy does on cnn. This is the only way we can save our freedom and liberties.

    • Right there with you, Paul!


    • We've had massive voter fraud since Obama's first election. Why would 2024 be any different? 

    •  Hoping we're on to them and learned a lesson. We can't have more ballots than registered voters. We are going to be watching them to count only legitimate votes once. And make damn sure voters are legit and eligible to vote. We have to watch and verify to make sure we follow the laws. That's all.

    • And what are you going to do as the algorithm bouces off two cushions and a bank, goes through four foreign countries and comes back home to count ballots after the polls close to announce a new winner.  Well, that's what happened last time.  You can't count ballots with machines.  Machines count machine ballots, machines with algorithms.  

    • Ok, then make laws that ballots are counted manually. One way or the other we have to make sure elections are fair. There is nothng I can do to change laws , I voted for the right people that can do this but if they are not doing it, there is not much I can do. If I was running elections I would have everyone in my State Re-register. That will clean up the voter rolls. I guess we can never do without machines reading and counting votes, but we can fix the software and keep them off the Internet. That's basic common sense. As Americans we should make every effort to protect our sacred right and duty to vote. If we don't, we're screwed.

    • I don't know how you can say such things.  Did you speak with Trump?  Mind you, I'd support Trump doing whatever it takes, but that hasn't been the record and the best predicition of future performance I am told is past performance.  We will see.  First, he has to get elected and you should know the chances of him ever attaining office at this point are mighty slim, mighty slim to none I would say and precisely because they are probably worried he might just do some decisive things this time around.  

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