• go to the 6 minute mark

    'No winner tonight': Ohio undecided voters weigh in on debate - CNN Video
  • what the video doesnt show..
    when asked for Trump
    more people raised their hand
    but the camera never panned back around
    from the point where it showed one person raising their hand..
    CNN cut out the  ones for Trump 
    but not everyone raised their hand..
    so CNN Reporter gave a false statement..

  • Okay, we have 1 person out of a group that thinks quid pro quo joe blow obiden won the debate, with cnn logic where their only 2 brain cells collided, jojo won. Only because those others in the group really don't know anything.

  • Communist News Network = CNN good I agree this is what they should be call 


  • These Democrat idiots (yes, including CNN!!!) STILL DO NOT "GET" REAL AMERICANS!!!  No, not just Trump supporters... AMERICANS IN GENERAL!!!

    No, CNN, YOUR supporters and Democrats and Commies and Other Biden Supporters ARE NOT REAL AMERICANS!!!

    CNN MORONS!!!!!!

  • CNN (AKA Communist News Network) are at it again! Can't get enough blame to push towards Trump. Never admitting that there has not been a single Democrat President in 50 years to equal his success in 3 and a half!  I challange any news agency to name a any democrat president who was not a poor excuse for an American!

  • We are the only ones who aren't shocked. We know that Trump has widespread support among Americans. CNN and the lying media will be shocked again when their fake polls will turn out to have been wrong again. Trump will win with an even larger landslide this November because today Americans can see how great he has made America already and what a great president he is. Americans want more of the same. All my friends and I are on board. We support Trump no matter what as every good American patriot does.

  • I think that Chris Wallace was the worst moderator ever! They need someone that is really less biased.  Frankly I dont think the debate was that bad. They just like to Bash

    The President.   I think that will be the last job that is offered to C. Wallace...Hope he was paid well. He got more press than the two canidates!

    • Absolutely, he took the prize. Most argumentative, rudest, most mis-behaved, most insulting to a U.S. seated President. He looked downright ugly. 

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