• I don't believe anything about this 'news' network. Other than they shoul stop calling it CNN and put it's real name on itself, Communist Central Newsagency.

  • When faced with the Truth... on film and in words they still SPIN the statement to make it look as if  Biden doesn't "Oppose" Fracking... it will be phased in.  However, he has stated on DAY ! he would end Fracking and not just on federal land.

    • Col. I think our problem is that we are straightforward talkers. The Left are snakes ... they never tell the truth ... ever! Time for us to be clever ... life is a poker game! Honest but clever.

    • There was a time in America when LIARS were despised and ostracized...  they were not rewarded with promotions and more responsibility.  There was a time that a hand shake and a nod was all that was needed to seal a business agreement, among neighbors and good friends... not anymore. 

      Greed and avarice, something for nothing, free this and free that has taken the heart out of our moral code... cheapening everything and removing personal responsibility from the market place. After all, if one doesn't need the word of a neighbor to ensure a business deal... because the government will step in to make one whole if the neighbor won't... Why do anything above board... Big Brother is there, with a handout, to make things right... Even when one is totally wrong.

    • I'm with you. The record stimulus package had the government step in to make corporations whole, safe their business, because they employ Americans. Handouts also went to most without anything in return, who don't employ anyone and who do not help the stock market. I'm sure none of the people on this site returned the $1,200 they got from Trump, paid by my taxes by the way. (I got nothing because I have no debt and my income is too high.) Everybody is happy to hold out the hand when the government makes them whole even the ones preaching against it, and I'm the neighbor who is paying for it all. In return, hardly anyone supports another tax cut for me because of the budget deficit. Stop the spending and the handouts to give hard-working taxpayers a break. Enough with government handouts. It's getting more and more disgusting. The handouts during the Great Recession were nothing compared to what's going on now. 

  • Commie News Network is only now realizing that demonrats always lie! I expect them to eventually come around (or are made to come around). They will report the truth as Trump tells it, He is the only honest man out there, which is exactly what we the people love about our President. He is a straight talker and keeps all his promises. That's so refreshing to see and makes him so endearing to all American patriots.

    • Col. Nelson,

      What you just so well stated above, is absolutely true.

      Criminal behavoir is ignored, unless you are a nobody.  The photo's on Biden's laptop would instantly have the common person under arrest, and in jail right this very moment.

      I commented some time ago, on this site, that liars and lying were not the same as other crimes.  It is acceptable. Expected even.

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