• It's amazing how the liberals can come up with crap like this. Biden had Trumps schedule to get out of9537433863?profile=RESIZE_400x Afghanistan, he didn't want it. The Biden administration owns this!

  • What's it going to take for the PEOPLE to get mad enough to DO SOMETHING about biden and the democraps? Our country is going down hill

    fast and it will soon die if we don't do SOMETHING SOON!!!

  • I can only said one word to CNN IDIOTS 

  • This time Biden may have fallen too far for all the king's men to put Humpty Dumpty together again...  Even Disney World and Hollywood, working with the MSM can't spin this disaster into something the public will accept.

  • All news services are in bed with demoncrats

  • OMG - Biden has no one to blame but himself for this low ratings.  Just like CNN has nobody to blame but there clueless, unattractive; lying commentators for their low ratings.

  • I would remind everyone that CONGRESS can stop all this... but they have not.  So, it is not only Biden it is the Democrat Congress which has betrayed America.

  • BULL SHIRT!!!  

    Trump didn't shut down the Keystone pipeline and put 11,000 people out of work.  Trump did not throw open our southern border to everybody regardless of where they come from and for whatever reason.  And there are many more Biden screw-ups besides the traitorous Afghanistan debacle that Judas Joe Burden created that Trump had absolutely nothing to do with.

  • Biden has never .. .NEVER had more than a handful of reluctant supporters...  with only 1 in 5 of his probable voters stating they would vote for him today, his approval rating among his own voters is less than 20%.  That would put his overall approval rating at less than 10% by the general public. 

    No President in our history has had such a low approval before or after being installed as President... It is time to IMPEACH HIM and to find his election a fraud.   He could not muster more than a handful at his campaign rallies before being elected and most of those were PAID PROFESSIONAL crowds.  He dares not even hold real press conferences with questions as his approval among the Marxist MSM has tanked.  His handlers are holding him back and continue to use him as their puppet... and are likely to do so until he is removed by Impeachment, resignation, or Article 25.

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