• They sure hate the truth, theydont want anyone to know it!

  • Who are the CNBC experts and what makes them experts?

    The trouble with experts is you can find any one of them to say just what you want if you pay them enough whether it’s true or not, what do the experts say about ANTIFA or BLM? Why do they get a free pass…why does every group that stands for true American values gets vilified? The answer is simple disagree with the left and socialist democrats and you become a racist, homophob out to destroy America, well they are part right we are out to destroy their socialist version of America that 90% of freedom loving Americans will not live under.

    The proof is out there crime, drugs, all the shortages in the most productive nation in the world everything is a disaster and the ones that created this mess are the socialist democrats!!!


    • Robert, you are so right.  Every time something makes no sense, the Left trots out an "expert" to tell you that it does make sense, lest you attempt to think for yourself.  And then, again, what makes a trained, professional actor, as a newscaster, an "expert" in anything other than appearing before a camera and "connnecting" with an audience?

      Also, what is an "extremist"?  "Extreme" what?  Could it be someone "extremely" fond of cats?  Extreme "right"?  So if one is a right wing extremist that only means that the person is "extremely" for liberty and freedom.  And that's supposed to be bad?  The nonsense terms these people use to evoke false opinions and understanding is as bad as the outright lies, disinformation and omissions.

  • Accuse your enemies of doing what you are, in reality, doing is a basic tactic of the left and the MSM helps them perpetuate it.

  • The lying mainstream media is indeed the problem in the US. We need to shut them down. We the people need to ensure that only the truth and facts are reported in the media, no more lies. We need to establish some sort of oversight. This is the only way that we can preserve our American way of life, our freedom and liberties.

  • This people are evil they want to destroy America and its people who believe in freedom from government control 

  • The people will know what to do about it.  I thought that the timing of the Roe v. Wade ruling was the opener.

    Steven Greer says that we presently have ufo-type technology and that the NWO/Great Reset proponents (known as the Left -- which also includes Republicans) will stage a false flag event using it in the form of a phony "alien attack".  The idea being to bring all Earth's nations under one ruling class to "fight the menace and defend the planet".  It will be a false flag event, as 9/11 was -- and look what fell out of that: 20 years of non-stop, non-winning war, bleeding the nation's coffers and enriching those behind it; illegal immigration due to destabilization of the entire Middle East swamping the EU; DHS and its internal army; consolidation of all "intelligence" under one person.  Then they brought us Covid and all that ensued and will continue to ensue...

    Some very, very bad people are running the USA.  They are not only Democrats.

  • No, the lying main stream media is the issue. 

  • Paid off B.S! 

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