• Do we really have to wait untill 2022 to get rid of these bastards!!!

  • Clybourne is an anti-American Racist. He does not care about his constiutents and they are too stupid to see it.

  •  They will be talking about raising taxes when they are rotting/burning in Hell!

  • "Never, never, never quit." Personally, I will always rely on the faith of the mustard seed. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • The Democrats don't have the votes... the GOP must hold strong... The full faith and credit of the US Government are in the tank and the world knows it... it is time to insist that the Marxist stop spending our Grand children's wealth on those who refuse to work or believe the world owes them a living... free phones, education, food, housing, transport and medical is over the top and the welfare society is about to come unglued... 

    Remember the critical elements of the government don't shut down and continue to operate... social security, government retirement, national defense, law enforcement, border patrol, air traffic controllers, etc all continue... the non-essential parts of the government shut down ... doing what is necessary to stay within current revenues.  No more debt increases... there is no such thing as FREE STUFF.

  • I'm a believer but don't know the scriptures and I'm sure they tell us, if it is to be it is up to Thee.

    We need a way to communicate and organize w/o communist interference and allow our 80+ million to gain leverage v the few communists that are steering  our media and weak politicians. 


  • Talk about a bunch of brain dead idiot's.  I pray that God will intervene some how and save this once great nation.  God Help Us. 

    • AMEN !

    • I second that!

    • God does not open a door and shove people through it.

      God works through people.   Why  should he lift a finger IF WE LACK THE WILL.


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