egg shelled and spooked

confused and bundled up hosts in wipes and medical gloves
with snot filled musty masks familiar with the floor and change filled pockets
muffled voices stilled and stale with headlight eyes protruding to see the signs of hostages held in erratic mazes seeking futile escape
and viewing filled crowded vacancies in streets and schools;
in empty purified germ riddled rooms and playgrounds
while lurking mandates filter through anemic truths and feed irrational regulations to the herd
testing and chasing down false positives down to classic death
a rude metered destiny a remedy fit for naught
a bare existence a poison overdose fraught with lies
and simple mind insanity; holding no hands on the way down to destruction hoping life is still there beyond fear and madness

Joseph Phillip De Marco

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  • The hypocracy of it all. 

    To "keep us healthy" they stifle our hearing, breathing and speaking. I can't breathe. I am muzzled like a rabid dog.
    For our own safety, we can't work, shop, swim, play.
    To protect us from others, we can't interract.
    To keep the dying safe, they can't be with loved ones until their death.
    To safeguard learning, we can't teach and they can't learn.

    Fun, huh?

    WHO KNEW the Amarican people would bow to slavemasters the way they have?
    WHO KNEW the American people would be so willing to turn on one another for not wearing a piece of cloth hiding their face? Just like muslims.
    WHO KNEW the American people were so ignorant so as to be SO CLUELESS about their UNalienable rights?  
    WHO KNEW the American people would just LET terrorists and anarchists burn businesses and cities down?
    WHO KNEW that formerly (or so I thought) proud Americans with that patriotic fighting spirit that loves FREEDOM and LIBERTY, would just shrink into oblivion?
    WHO KNEW the American people would watch their neighbor's and their own businesses be destroyed by the government god?
    WHO KNEW the American people would quietly beg for a vaxx that will kill them, cause systemic disease, and implant nanotechnology in their bodies?
    WHO KNEW the American people would willingly ask for and endure a horrible "test" that causes pain because it goes some number of inches up inside the nasal cavities? And they would line up to endure this monstrosity?
    WHO KNEW the American church, including pastors, priests, preachers, etc., plus congregations, woulld submit to not gathering in their own place of worship, would submit to not singing, would submit to ho hugging or laying on of hands, baptisms, teaching the young the right way to go. To throw it all aside, jack-be-nimble style?

    Every enemy we have has taken stock of who we have become. They now know our weakness, our ignorance, our apathy, and our willing subjection to tyranny.

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