James Carville, the former political strategist who worked for President Bill Clinton in the 1990s, is predicting that President Donald Trump will 'get his fat a** beat' in November's general election. 

Despite polling day being six months away, Carville believes firmly that former vice president and the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, will secure a convincing victory over the incumbent.   

'He's gonna get his a** beat,' Carville said to John Melendez on The Stuttering John Podcast. 'Alright, he's gonna get his fat a** beat. The question is by how much.'

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  • Dream on Jimmy boy I thought you said President Donald John Trump was going to lose to Hildabeast!!!

  • When those on the left begin talking like this it means they have their voting fraud machine cranked up to a point they are certain they will win.  Of course with Hillary they were wrong and I am of the opinion that with Biden they will be even more wrong!

  • There must ba a lot of Carviles out there, because the craziest thing is a baffoon such as Biden is winning in the polls

    • Those are the same polls that had Hitlery winning by a landslide. Pay no mind to them. They are as fake as the DNC!!

  • Who on this beautiful planet listens to this guy?  He is a dyed in the wool zoombie for the dems and is brainless. 

  • Carville has akways been a pompous arrogant jerk. He is most well known for his intimidating attitude, and always being wrong.  Best left in the dust ignored.

  • What can you expect for James Carville he defends the Clinton's with a straight face...

  • Keep thinkin' Carville.  MAYBE someday you'll get good at it...

  • You should talk, Carville, with that hang-dog face of yours.


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